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Stuffed Animal Launcher

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Gatling gun + Giant hopper feeder full of stuffed animals + amplified children laughing soundtrack

I see this device being used for crowd control primarily.

Envision an angry mob on track for violence then suddenly law enforcement opens up with a barrage of the cutest cuddliest stuffed animals synchronized to a megaphone broadcast of children laughing.

Two strategies at work:

a: cute stuffed animals make people smile especially cuddly ones, this might defuse individuals experiencing insane fury.

b: crows of angry people could be completely imobilized in a sea of stuffed animals.

vfrackis, Mar 13 2013

Angry Birds Launcher http://www.timetopl...-han-solo-launcher/
[xandram, Mar 14 2013]


       As a bonus, a soft toy soaked in petrol, lit and thrown, is very nearly as effective as a Molotov cocktail.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2013

       Only if you put a bottle full of volatile accelerant inside it ... but then, your family knows all about that, don't they ?   

       Neutral on the idea itself, due to the distinct lack of lethality and failure to employ live cats as ammunition.
8th of 7, Mar 13 2013

       //your family knows all about that, don't they ?//   

       I'm pretty sure that none of my ancestors have resorted to such primitive forms of flammable projectile, which are only really used by the ill- prepared rabble.   

       It is true, of course, that the 2nd Earl of Clannbuttock (one of the more gnarled roots of our family tree) once rounded up an entire flock of sheep which had strayed onto his best grouse moor, doused them in olive oil and trebucheted them back one by one, in flames, into the village whence the shepherd came. Howevertheless, you have to admit that this was a far more refined strategy than the mere hurling of petrol-soaked objects. Moreovermore, his generosity was ultimately hailed by the villagers who, being now homeless, were most grateful for the barrage of cooked sheep.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2013


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