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Self-Cleaning Plates

Self-Cleaning Plates: Living/Nano-Factory Plates
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The daily task of doing the dishes is trivial, but not everyone has the time, especially now a days, more and more people have less and less time. Taking vacations, working overtime every night, constantly making or spending money, it's way too expensive to pay someone to do it, and your kids won't do the dishes. This creates the demand for self-cleaning plates. There are 2 ways of doing this:

1. "Living" Plates, which have a life of their own, but it takes them time to build up the energy to eat the food, so it takes a few hours or so to eat it, this way you won't ever have to do dishes again. This presents the problem of waste managment from the plates... A whole other topic in itself!

2. "Nano Factory" Plates, which are regular plates with nano-factories and nano-bots living on them, they are timed to "destroy" the food after x hours of it sitting. The waste management on this is easy, the bots are programmed to take the "destroyed" food's remains, bring them to the factory and the factories engineer the cells and whatnot to build another plate...

Plates plates plates.........

rayhill, Jan 13 2001

Coming soon... http://news.com.com...7337_3-5844911.html
non-stick dishes... [xxxppp1, Oct 14 2005]


       ...and all these plates will take over the world, and enslave the few remaining humans to bathe them.
Oh! the irony *grin*
Detly, Jan 13 2001

       Alternatively, what if the plates (and other dishes) were made out of really tough metal, so you could just dump them haphazardly in a "dishwasher" (forget all that careful stacking) which actually just bakes them at 1000F for a few hours, burning everything off.   

       There would be two such ovens, of course, "clean" and "dirty" (alternating), so you wouldn't have to bother putting them away, either.
egnor, Jan 13 2001

       I thought thats what the dogs were for, to clean the plates after supper.
barnzenen, Jan 15 2001

       [egnor] - Nearly all pottery can be baked at 1000F with no ill-effects. In fact we had a vase which had gone a bit mouldy (I left flowers in it for too long) and which no amount of scrubbing could clean (the glaze surface was 'crazed' and therefore porous). We cleaned it by putting it in our ceramics kiln (about 2500F, but 1000F would do) - it came out lovely and clean.
The disadvantage of this method is the time required - It takes about 12 hours to reach 2500F and another couple of days to cool.
hippo, Jan 15 2001

       They have dish washers that can do that kind of thing.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       What kind of thing? Baking dishes at 1000F? Link, please.
egnor, Feb 08 2001


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