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Self-Destructing Bike Lock

If cut, it melts the bike
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A chain-type bike lock, made of mostly magnesium instead of steel. Beneath the magnesium layer is a substance tha burns on contact with air. On top of the magnesium layer is a quick-burning layer to get the whole chain burning at once. If a thief cuts the lock, the inner layer ignites the magnesium, which melts the bike into worthless scrap. Thus, there's no reason for a thief to cut the lock and try to steal the bike.

(not sure if I posted this before)

sninctown, May 30 2006


       Ridiculously dangerous, and equally awesome idea. Bun!
epicproblem, May 30 2006

       There may be no reason for a thief to cut the lock, but there's every reason for a vandal to do it.
fridge duck, May 30 2006

       It'll hurt people without discretion. What if it's on the bike while you get into an accident? While you could have survived with a broken leg, now you'll have to amputate it. (I don't care about the person's car, but it'll hurt the most the one who's not surrounded by a cage of steel.)
kevinthenerd, May 30 2006

       Great, now I have no bike OR lock. But I do have this cool puddle of molten metal! And burning rubber.   

       At what temperature does the average bike frame melt? I'm thinking it's probably pretty high.
nihilo, May 30 2006

       Could this idea be applied to handcuffs, to dissuade a felon from escaping and then trying to cut themselves free?
whatrock, Oct 22 2018

       Aluminum frame, mercury in lock cable, and a warning sign?
Voice, Oct 24 2018

       // At what temperature does the average bike frame melt? I'm thinking it's probably pretty high. //   

       Plastic, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, titanium, or carbon? Low, low, high, high, high, burns (I think).
notexactly, Nov 07 2018


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