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Smokestack bikealarm

rings you once, waits for deactivation or puts out red smoke
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Low cost GPS location activated alarm, will know that it is parked when you give it a ring.

Will ring your phone when bike moved. If return signal not received within 30 seconds, puts out red smoke, and sounds alarm.

Good for cheap bikes too, since the whole aparatus costs only $15. The cellular company charges you 10c for the service each time its activated. When battery is low, you will get a phone notification.

Useful for cars, laptops, and many other things too.

pashute, Nov 04 2008


       Interesting idea, but someone armed with a car jack, some plumber's pipe-freezing spray and some boltcroppers can steal all but the most-securely locked bikes in seconds so there's not much use in being phoned, unless you're very close and don't mind accosting a bike thief armed with a car jack, some plumber's pipe-freezing spray and some boltcroppers. I doubt if a red smoke thing and an alarm would be much of a deterrent - or could be made to be not easily smashable or removeable.
hippo, Nov 04 2008

       [hippo], you're obvioulsy disturbingly well versed in the technique ... if we send you a picture of a mountain bike, can you get us some, please ?
8th of 7, Nov 04 2008

       Armed with a car jack, plumber's pipe-freezing spray, and some bolt croppers, I could steal a lot more than a bike.   

       I've misapropriated a mountain bike with nothing but a hack saw and an allan wrench.   

       Of course, I was doing this for the original owner, who's kryptonite lock got stuck... and he didn't lock it up properly in the first place...   

       I like this idea. It'd probably have to be concealed inside the frame of the bike, which puts certain limitations on bike design, installation, and power sources.
ye_river_xiv, Nov 05 2008


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