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Self-Winding Power Station

Renewable energy for the Japanese
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Japan is a modern, technically advanced nation that depends heavily on a supply of electricity - which they would prefer to generate for themselves, rather than importing it from the mainland.

The disaster at Fukushima illustrates the difficulty of generating energy in the region, however it also points the way to a solution: giant self-winding watch mechanisms, powered by the same earthquakes that make nuclear fission so risky.

Wrongfellow, Feb 05 2017

Vasty number of earthquakes in Japan every single blummin' day... http://www.jma.go.j...ke_local_index.html
more useful than the snow depth guides (updated every 3 hours) even in summer when it's 34 degrees [not_morrison_rm, Feb 05 2017]


       If they're interested in renewable energy, like biomass, then they could get quite a bit by burning all their school history books for power generation and printing some more that actually tell the truth about the way they behaved in WW2, instead of ignoring or glossing over all the nasty bits (of which there are many).   

       "This message brought to you by the TRUMP* Institute."   

       *Timeline Research for Unjustifiable Mockery and Prejudice
8th of 7, Feb 05 2017

       //that actually tell the truth about the way   

       What, like the Lord Justice Stuart-Smith's Hillsborough investigation...et al..   

       Japan is a great country for bartenders, all they have to do is mix the cocktails, the next earthquake will shake them to perfection. For example today's earthquakes were   

       06 Feb 2017 04:43 JST 06 Feb 2017 Hyogo-ken Nantobu M2.9   

       06 Feb 2017 00:17 JST 06 Feb 2017 Tomakomai Oki M3.5   

       and it's only 9.13am...   

       I'm guessing Japan is the toughest place to sell bouncy castles to..
not_morrison_rm, Feb 05 2017

       // M3.5 //   

       Wow, nearly enough to make coffee cups and saucers rattle ...   

       Steeply mountainous islands, so nowhere much to run to, surrounded by dep, cold water, and liberally sprinkled with numerous volcanoes, some of which are active, surrounded and crisscrossed by equally numerous highly active fault lines.   

       High population density, many of whom live in densely-packed tall buildings in large urban areas.   

       What's wrong with this picture ?   

       First correct answer wins a one-way ticket to San Fransisco.
8th of 7, Feb 05 2017


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