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Self-refilling Water Bottle

Fresh from the atmosphere to you.
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Small solar panel, a battery, hygroscopic pads, a small pump, some tubing and a receptacle.

Pump to be powered from a small solar panel, possibly mounted on your hat and feeding to the battery so it continues to work in darkness.

The hygroscopic pads absorb water out of the air constantly, channeling it deep into the pads where the pump picks it up and deposits it in the bottle.

The pads could also be worn close to the skin, to recycle perspiration (Similar to the water recovery idea in Dune)

UnaBubba, May 29 2012


       I imagine it would be a survival only proposition. Water loss, especially in the arid Australian inland, is a big part of the problem if you get lost. There's little or no surface water and the underground water there is available is too far down to reach.   

       I envisage something that might be usable for military applications, though not in fighting conditions. That sort of activity uses up a lot of water very quickly. Soldiers always complain of being extremely thirsty during and after an engagement.
UnaBubba, May 29 2012


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