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Skating Nanobot Penguins

A compliment to a nice cold glass from the top shelf
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'Usual gin and tonic sir ?'

'Sure thing James'

'Ice sir ?'

'Yep make it a good cold-un James in a deep glass'

'Penguins with that sir?'

'Penguins James?'

'Yes sir,new from the nanotech labs,they come in little marked box's,Skating Penguins.We pop a few into your drink and they perform upon the ice,they say it's like a pre-performance before the big drink, when you're ready to sup your gin just spoon them out and put them back in the box'

'You serious James? '

The miniature robotic penguins are spooned into the glass and placed upon the floating ice.Before sir's very eyes as he peers into the glass the penguins are performing a skating gala whilst the bubbles fizz and pop into the air like a mini firework display.

'James that is truly amazing'

'As I said sir, just take a spoon and lift them out when your ready to sup'

skinflaps, Apr 29 2004

skating penguin http://www.hawkinss...ng_peng_bledsoe.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

(?) into the big drink http://www.strangec...cturejokes/9590.gif
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You're skating awfully close to nano-magic.
ldischler, Apr 29 2004

       When I pour a drink, I'm ready to sup.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 29 2004

       Flying nanobot penguins would be really magical.
FarmerJohn, Apr 29 2004

       I have a Snoopy and Woodstock that skate around on top of a small grand piano which plays "Linus and Lucy". Maybe with a really big gin and tonic...
half, Apr 29 2004

       I actually think that this is pretty neat. But does it have to work with gin?
Spider7, Apr 29 2004

       I reckon [skinflaps] has already seen them in his gin and tonic, hence the idea. AA anyone?
unclepete, Apr 30 2004

       [unclepete] are you suggesting i join the Automobile Association?
skinflaps, Apr 30 2004

       if we genetically engineered tiny penguins, maybe we wouldn't have to spoon em out. adds a bit of body to your drink.
etherman, Apr 30 2004

       Make the penguins smart and tough enough and when they eventually come out, they can find their way back home to be reused.   

       Glad I don't drink...
deadbird, Apr 30 2004

       Crunch Crunch Crunch. Oh NOOOOO!!! Not my nano penguins!!! (+)
DesertFox, Apr 30 2004

waugsqueke, Apr 30 2004

       Crunch Crunch Crunch. Oh NOOOOO!!! Not my expensive dental work!!!
po, May 01 2004

       How are you going to find ice skates their size?
Ghost Face Killer, May 01 2004


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