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Semi-Autonomous Radar Detection Range Extender

Semi-Autonomous Radar Detection Range Extender
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Inspired by the Predator UAV, only smaller and not entirely remote- controlled (you can deploy it, tell it to extend/shorten its range, recall it manually), this stealthy little guy flies a good distance ahead of your vehicle, using various sensors to stay a good distance above traffic/obstacles yet low enough to detect police radar, and equipped with a radar detector, which picks up radar long before it pings your vehicle, and alerts you one of two ways: a wireless signal that triggers an audible tone inside your vehicle, or a bright LED cluster in the rear. The great thing about it is that you could use these in areas where radar detectors are illegal because even if it is spotted by a cop they have no way of proving who it belongs to. Give it VTOL capability and if you get pulled over, tell it remotely to go fly to the limits of it's signal-tether range and go to ground until you start moving again, deploying guard-shrews on leashes to protect it. Obviously best used in open areas, and not recommended for use in city limits.

Mass production might reduce the effectiveness of this, but it would probably be so expensive most folks couldn't afford it or wouldn't be willing to spend that much money on something like this, anyway. This could probably be made quite simply with a remote-controlled model plane, some fancy software and sensors, and a simple radar detector, the fancy software and sensors being the most expensive part. If it gets low on fuel, just recall it to it's docking station in the trunk, where it can refuel and redeploy.

21 Quest, Oct 22 2007

Ah, yes... In the spirit of... http://www.halfbake...0Detector_2fJammers
[normzone, Jul 29 2013]


       Not practical for you or I, but could be a service we could subscribe to.

       Then again, once you're out of town a little deft management of the CB radio works wonders.

       I keep mine with the sensitivity tuned so it only picks up local traffic and the volume up loud so it overpowers my CD player.
normzone, Oct 22 2007

       I like it [+]. It postpones the need for radar-seeking missiles a little bit.
Ned_Ludd, Oct 22 2007

       [admin: I renamed your idea. Strange acronyms don't help people get any idea of what the idea might be about before they look at it]
hippo, Oct 22 2007

       Ok, I was just trying to save space on the index page. I think unacronymified it's gotta be one of the longest titles on the HB. And then again... maybe not, huh?
21 Quest, Oct 23 2007

       Good thing he renamed it, I had it confused with Sartre and Sade...
normzone, Jul 29 2013


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