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sensory semaphores

the car knows
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A system of semophore flags that can unfurl from side mirrors or antennas, even if the driver fails to indicate a turn signal, or other important traffic moves. These could be similar or the same as nautical semaphores, with some varitations of course. The computer driven cars could sense the turn, braking, or erratic movement of the driver and unfurl a flag to signal the other drivers on the road. This would help others who are wondering *what the f--k is that person doing?"...and make the correct adjustment in their own driving.

I would like this, as I'm a very observant driver at most times. I imagine these flags would have to be smaller than those on boats, but large enough for others to see. If they can't fit into the antenna or side mirrors, there could be a side mount on the hood or rear of the vehicle to contain these in some fancy little box attachment.

xandram, Sep 27 2011

That works for me... Escalating_20Turn_20Signals
[normzone, Sep 29 2011]

Car signal halyards Car_20signal_20halyards
Prior Art [8th of 7, Sep 30 2011]

Unusual property Bubbling_20Turn_20Signals
[normzone, Sep 30 2011]


       Why not just have the car that magically knows when I'm about to turn simply activate its own turn indicator instead of using this marvelous technology to wave silly flags around?
Alterother, Sep 28 2011

       Can you combine these with paintball cannons and microwave pain intensifiers?
Grogster, Sep 29 2011

       I kind of gave up on observation and trying to anticipate other drivers. Now I just assume that they are all out to kill me and drive accordingly.   

       It works pretty well, but this would help.   

       Annoying passenger: "look George, you've made the flags come out *again*"
swimswim, Sep 29 2011

       [Alter] This was not a magical idea, but the fact that the computers that operate almost everything in cars these days could sense the movement of the vehicle.
xandram, Sep 29 2011

       Isn't it a bit late to signal when the computer can already sense movement?   

       How does it help me, when a driver absent mindedly drifts across the lines towards me, to see a little flag confirming what I can already see by the presence of a large vehicle?   

       This is no more than another distraction from the real issue, that too many drivers fail to take proper responsibility for the weapon which they control.   

Twizz, Sep 29 2011

       //        Isn't it a bit late to signal when the computer can already sense movement?    //   

       That's what I meant when I said 'magic', only I was being unhelpful and sarcastic instead of positive and insightful.
Alterother, Sep 29 2011

       Exactly NOT my point. Why would it be too late? Esp. if you did not see what the driver was doing. To me, something *eye- catching* would help me a bit, even if only a bit...it's better than a crash!
xandram, Sep 30 2011

       I find it difficult to see how a small flag can be more eye catching than the large vehicle to which it is attached.   

       To be more eye catching, the new 'indicator' would need to exhibit an unusual property. This works with blue strobe lights etc. (although there are still those who can pootle along, blissfully unaware of the ambulance behind them).   

       If all or even many vehicles had these flags, they would be popping out all the time and we'd soon learn to ignore them.   

       We can actually process a limited amount of information, so we decide which information is useful and reject the rest as trivial. Adding more and more information simply makes us take longer to decide what's useful.
Twizz, Sep 30 2011

       OK, point taken.
xandram, Sep 30 2011

       Here's an "unusual property" (link).
normzone, Sep 30 2011

       Well [norm] obviously bubbles are easier to see than flags!! {or possibly 'bakers had a better sense of humor back then!!}
xandram, Sep 30 2011

       Because it was a thinly-disguised rant, that's why.
Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       //Aren't most inventions spawned from an underlying anger/ frustration...?// Yes, among inventors primarily motivated by anger and frustration. Others might be motivated by fear of humiliation or attraction to novel patterns of blinking lights.
swimswim, Oct 02 2011

       [admin: fixed title spelling; they're semaphores, not semophores. I guess if it's attached to a particularly large car, it could be a semiphore.]   

       // I'm a very observant driver at most times
How would one possibly be able to tell? It's not like you get a high score at the end.
jutta, Oct 02 2011

       // It's not like you get a high score at the end. //   

Alterother, Oct 02 2011

4whom, Oct 02 2011

Alterother, Oct 02 2011

       I found it rather pennantic.   

       I don't get it...
My end always scores.
Thanks for the spelling fixture.
xandram, Oct 03 2011

       Good idea, Why not take it further by installing computer chips in cars that anticipate what action the car is about to perform. The action is transmitted to computers in vehicles within striking distance, which automatically causes other vehicles to make an appropriate correction?
Ah Supp, Oct 03 2011

       Then again the flag signaling idea might lend itself to car owners modifying flags to represent two fingers of scorn. If this is possible. Where may I purchase a pair?
Ah Supp, Oct 03 2011


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