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Send a croissant

Sometimes an idea's so good...
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Sometimes, on the halfbakery, you come across an idea that's just totally spiffy. You want to sing its praises with loud and joyous voice, but on the whole suspect this may not go down well with the other people in the office. The one paltry-pastry vote you may accord it just doesn't seem enough. This concept has been covered in the 'Yes-Yes-Yes vote' idea (I forget if that's actually its name.).

I propose a system by which we may award our fellow bakers for those truely fantastic ideas that warm our workaday lifestyles, and make us grin with glee*.

I present to you the;

Halfbaker directed, peer-driven realspace croissant awarding system.

Bakers may sign up to the system at the outset, or at any later stage, and may remove themselves from system at any time without deleting their accounts. The main requirement is that they submit their postal addresses to the bakesperson, or other party who controls the system. These addresses are kept secret, but anytime a baker thinks someone deserves more than just a digital representation of a croissant, they can buy the idea author a real, hot, buttery croissant and have it shipped to them by clicking on a handy little link.

I have covered the means of getting the item to the recipient in a fit state in another idea (link below).

It would probably be wise to have people sign something, on recipit of their first criossant, to the effect that they don't hold anyone but themselves responsable for the coronary problems they may face in later life throught being a good halfbaker.

I also suggest that, as tempting as it may be, no Halfbaker directed, peer-driven realspace fishbone awarding system is brought to pass. (although I suppose it would deter idiots).

*Join the campaign to increase usage of the word 'Glee' now. Details overleaf.

Zircon, Nov 06 2002

Mechanics of tasty croissant delivery http://www.halfbake..._20Croissant_20link
I'm soooo hungry. [Zircon, Oct 05 2004]


       Why is there no catergory food:croissant, seems strange...
Zircon, Nov 06 2002

       We can use a sort of croissant coupon, to be electronically forwarded to request the croissant from an appropriate croissant facility. This uses a croissant database, which cross-references the croissant delivery area for freshness, allowing you to pay over the web and designate the recipient of the awarded croissant. Croissant.
Amos Kito, Nov 06 2002

       What? no food: croissant catagory?!
Do you think they think we treat croissants like a myth or something??!!

       Ever so cool an idea Zircon. I am filled with glee.
OOh OOh. How about Glee filled Croissants? That's twice I've used the word glee now. Ooh, there's another one.
hollajam, Nov 06 2002

       An answer to the croissant freshness issue is suggested in the linked idea, but to summarise for those whose time is money; establish a chain of croissant and other pasty & speciality coffee shops, use starbucks business plan, add delivery aspect to shops like dominos, very soon NO ONE IN THE WORLD will be further than 10 km from a Halfbuckimos. Then utilising some of that heating chemical container technology that now allows me to buy a can of coffee that heats itself, deliver the croissant in their own little cardboard ovens.   

       [HJ]Good work with the glee, keep it up.
Zircon, Nov 06 2002

       Sort of an FDA Flourist? <gleegleeglee>
hollajam, Nov 06 2002

       [waugs], it could be slightly more expensive. Chef delivery is preferable to pastry delivery. Unless you can afford to live in Europe, you get inferior croissants made from inferior stuff. Send a continental chef with ferior ingredients, his/her own oven, utensils and staff. Postage and Glee is extra.
Amos Kito, Nov 06 2002

       Good point waugs, but aren't you worth it? Am I not worth it? (nod yes)   

       Q: If someone is gluten intolerant could they opt out for the $200?
hollajam, Nov 06 2002

       I like this idea, but I have a few questions:   

       Would this be something that any baker can do for any other baker?
Is it limited to one croissant (or half-croissant) per bakery idea, per baker, per voting baker?
Can I send one to myself if my own idea gives me glee?
XSarenkaX, Nov 06 2002

[waugs], it also comes with an orange slice.
Amos Kito, Nov 06 2002

       Hmm, $200? Here's a thought. If an idea gets up to a certain pre-determined vote, the originator of the idea may receive a real croissant. To cover the cost, a pool can be created so each voting baker would only have to contribute a small amount.
XSarenkaX, Nov 06 2002

       Wrong category.
1kester, Nov 06 2002

       [1kester], Zircon's idea is about " classifying or interpreting" by exemplary standards. The word "criticism" works for this too. I know, it just sounds different.   

       I think croissants could fly for about $19.95 max. I "mean" once an infrastructure of participating bakeries is in place. It really could work like an FTD Florists...Oh dear I see I pulled a "dubya" on myself when I typed "FDA" up above. Oh, the fun never ends...
hollajam, Nov 07 2002

       Actually I put it in food:delivery, but I think jutta or one of the mod's has moved it over, see jutta's comment about where halfbakery related ideas should be posted in krenik's 'Newbie idea posting advice' idea. I've now moved it to halfbakery:voting as I didn't like the negative connotations of 'criticise'; I don't think the 'bakery is remiss in not having this feature; it is, after all, a rather whimsicle idea, a suggestion to amuse rather than a serious criticism. Now, some method by which one could go directly to a users account page without having to find one of their ideas first, that's more of a serious suggestion.
Zircon, Nov 07 2002

       Croissants should never snap.
I've read about this technology previously. Could this put a dent in the Cryogenics industry? It's sure to revolutionize cosmetics:
"New Glee Cream"
hollajam, Nov 07 2002

       Of course, one could always send a fluffy (toy) croissant, which would *never* get stale. (And suit those of us not overly fond of the actual pastry.)
DrCurry, Nov 07 2002

       Yeah, those not being fond of pastry would have to state as much when they signed up to the system. I suspect some of the more prolific bakers would soon need some extra out-housing to store the thousands of cuddly croissants they might recieve. Then ideas about what to do with them would start to appear on the bakery, and because those ideas would be written by people who have recieved croissants, they'll probably be really good ideas, thus garnering more beanie pastries. And so the wheel turns ever round.
Zircon, Nov 07 2002

       It has always bothered me how un-edible the internet is. This is a great step in the right direction. You should get the first one!
Joolin, Oct 23 2009


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