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Separate Alarm Volume

Separate Volume Controls - 1 for normal/sleep, 2nd for alarm function
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OK, I admit that this has minor significance to the world. But then again, this is the 1/2 bakery . . .

On most modern TV's, there is a whole host of programmable features, including clock, sleep timer, and alarm. It is nice to be able to go to sleep with the TV on and have it turn itself off. It is also nice to be able to use the TV as an alarm. However, if you set the volume low when you go to bed, then the alarm might be too quiet to wake you.

I propose that the alarm function of TV's have a separate volume control. That way, you can have a soft, quiet volume when going to sleep, but a nice loud jarring volume for waking.

It would be incredibly simple to add this to the already rich feature set of most modern television set control programs.
quarterbaker, Dec 17 2001


       3 = wake the lazy sod up real quick and with a bit of luck induce a heart attack.
po, Dec 17 2001

       The simplest ideas are often the best.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       Nice idea for clock radios as well.
phoenix, Dec 17 2001

       why is it something really good dies an early death? The heart attack thing has hardly been considered.
po, Dec 18 2001

       And there's potential for drive-by alarm assaults, using an overpowered programmable remote control.
quarterbaker, Dec 18 2001

       Baked: Or at least I beleive it is. This idea was featured in an episode of Seinfeld where a marathon runner had to get up early, yet missed the race due to this feature. Quite funny actually.
NeverDie, Dec 22 2001


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