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"Noise reductor"

device to keep volume level steady on your TV
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It's wellknown that the volume level always increases to unbearable hights when commercials start (witch always wakes me up during my nap). couldn't it be possible to invent a device that keeps the decibel level steady on my TV???
nema, Feb 03 2001

djchriski's "dissertation". http://www.halfbake...dea/TV_20Normalizer
[jutta, Feb 03 2001]


       Most television sets come with a switch that, when pressed, keeps the decibel level completely steady...
egnor, Feb 03 2001

       Why not just get a helper monkey....
Wes, Feb 03 2001

       Please feel free to read my dissertation under Product/Television Filter/TV Normalizer
djchriski, Sep 07 2001

       Magnavox has been incorporating such circuitry in their televisions since aprox 1995. They call it Smartsound tm. ------Baked idea
Ratita de Bodega, Aug 18 2002


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