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Serialised cereals

Weekly instalments of a gripping story
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When reading the back of a cereal packet in the morning, it might be good to have something more interesting to read than the ingredients listings..a story would be published in weekly instalments, meaning that people would continue to buy that brand of cereal to discover how events in the story unfold. The episode would ideally end in some sort of cliff-hanger, in the same way soap operas do and people would gradually become familiar with the characters. Perhaps the same characters could be used in other stories to build up affection for characters amongst consumers, as with the Bisto family?
neon, Mar 30 2002


       golden grahams & cinnamon grahams
technobadger, Mar 30 2002

       The television counterpart for this would be ceralized serials. A series where the above cereal product is conspicuously placed in every single shot.
bristolz, Mar 30 2002


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