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The Definitive Guide to Secular American Holidays

Don't miss the Mardi Gras in Texas
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There are books that cover this topic, but they are all written for non-Americans, and they tend to leave out a lot, including regional variations. This book would contain quotes, pictures and information on how Americans in various parts of the country from various backgrounds celebrate holidays. It would be updated every year.

It would be useful, not only as a historical reference, but also for people who move. How was I supposed to know that on Memorial Day in New York everyone leaves the city? In Cleveland we’d have a “block parade” –I don’t even think new yorkers know what “block parades” are. But here they have a Halloween parade… who ever heard of that? In Cleveland we just soap the windows.

My point is that all these regional differences are fascinating and it’d be great to have a reference that would explain all of them in one place.

For example MLK day is coming up—this has always been just a random day off for me, but it seems that there are some traditions developing around that one… I’d love to be able to review what people did last year (and historically, the origins...) then choose my means of celebration.

Why only USA holidays? Well, I feel that the extreme diversity and size of the USA makes it more in need of a guide book than, say, Sweden – but if people in other countries like the idea there’d be no reason not to produce books for other countries and perhaps even a almanac for the whole globe.

Why not religious holidays? Because the book is limited to holidays that anyone can jump in and join regardless of their religion (or lack there of) –

The book would cover:

* New Year's Day * MLK * Groundhog Day * Inauguration Day * Valentine's Day * Washington's Birthday * Memorial Day * April Fools's Day * June 17th * Arbor Day * Mardi Gras * Earth Day * Administrative Assistants' Day * Flag Day * July 4th * Labor Day * Columbus Day * Mother's day * Father's Day * Haloween * Election Day * Veterans Day * Christmas

and many many more!

futurebird, Dec 27 2002


       Christmas is a federal holiday. I don't think that makes sense, but I included all of the federal holidays as "secular"
futurebird, Dec 27 2002

       You'd be surprised!
madradish, Dec 30 2002

       In that case, remind me to visit New York on Memorial Day. I'd like the book for that reason. The nicest week I had in Madrid was Holy Week - for days it was just this "On the Beach" city where dogs could sleep in the streets. (I used to compare Cleveland favorably to Madrid for culinary variety. They think they have the best food in the world. They have... ham.)
rowlycat, Dec 31 2002

       In Uruguay, Dec. 25 is celebrated as Family Day.
Ford, Feb 08 2008

       So what did you do on MLK day?   

       A friend suggested a nap, because of I had Dream speech. I'm hoping for something bit more active.
popbottle, Jan 21 2014

       Usually the auto show.
RayfordSteele, Jan 21 2014

       Wait - you have an //Administrative Assistants' Day // ???!!! Dear gods.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 23 2014


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