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Sextant with Secret Builtin GPS

Impress your sailing and pirate friends
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Skillful use of the sextant for marine navigation, although now obsolescent, still commands respect and admiration in the tradition steeped world of sailing.

Now you too can get that respect without the years of practice normally required. The new Great Product Sextant (get it?) device looks like a normal sextant but when you press the hidden button the internal GPS unit displays your current Latitude and Longitude inside the optics.

In order not to get busted you need to know a few basics of sextant usage.

1)You need to point the sextant toward a visible celestial body, the sun for example, and have a view of the horizon, so you can't use it on a cloudy day or indoors. If you use some other celestial body like a planet you need to know what it is if there are real sailors present. Don't try to make it up - real sailors know their celestial bodies.

2)You need to crank the sliding thingy back and forth a bit then stop before completing the sighting.

3)In order to determine longitude you need to know the exact time, so glance at your watch conspicuously right after you make the sighting.

4) Mortals need to cross reference the sighting angle to a bunch of numerical tables and do some logarithms so after your sighting furrow your brow, look up and make it look like you're thinking deeply for at least a few seconds. Also, round your reading to the nearest 10 minutes - anything more accurate will look suspicious.

Aye aye - stay the course!

CecilL, Oct 04 2005


       Sounds like you already know how to use a sextant.
Antegrity, Oct 04 2005

       You could have the GPS coords display on the sextant storage case itself. This way you could really impress people by being able to use the sextant without even taking it out of the case.
bristolz, Oct 04 2005

       My friends think im impressive when i drive my horse and buggy around.
Antegrity, Oct 05 2005


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