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Reusable Bread Crumbs

For those of us that get lost...a lot!!!
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Taking a short trek in the woods and fear you may forget your way back?

Perhaps you're parking your car in a strange parking lot.

Literally zillions of use come to mind for these life-like morsels.

Simply drop the plastic look-a-likes behind you as you merrily skip down the yellow brick road or wherever, and be assured you will be able to find your way back, always. No matter the weather or the time of day, or anything.

Birds won't touch em, they're plastic.

These tastless tidbits come in a recycled bread bag, of course.

blissmiss, Mar 17 2008

Reflective trail markers might help http://www.firetack...?RCATS=Fire%20Tacks
[dentworth, Mar 17 2008]

blissmiss, getting lost again http://www.iskip.com/KimCorbin.jpg
[Amos Kito, Mar 19 2008]


       Make them magnetic for easy collection after use.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2008

       lovely. just what I need.
po, Mar 17 2008

       I presume they have RFID and GPS?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2008

       I'd be afraid some critters would eat them, how about if they were not real looking. maybe multi colored for different paths. like trail markers. see link
dentworth, Mar 17 2008

       If they had the RFID tags, this would be a bonus for hunters.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 17 2008

       ...but unless you pick them all up on your way back, it's littering!
xandram, Mar 19 2008

       Not more pollution, please! Use GPS, fer chrissake!
DrCurry, Mar 19 2008

       Use Lego bricks in barefoot country and you'd be able to hear if anyone is following you.
skinflaps, Mar 19 2008

       Map n compass
Noexit, Mar 19 2008

       If only Theseus had had these.   

       Oh, wait...
globaltourniquet, Mar 19 2008


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