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Shadow Stalker

Psycho Shower-Curtain upgrade.
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So... I've managed to get our new camp-ground up and running as well as seven of our thirty rooms.
Soon I will run out of 'normal' rooms to rennovate and rent and so will be able to focus on the Bates Motel Psycho Room.

There is a knife-wielding shadow shower curtain on the market but that seems a bit tame to me.
I mean, first off it will only freak you out once, (if that), and then it's just meh...


...what if closing the shower curtain triggered a small cut-out of a knife-wielding assailant to drop down from the ceiling and draw closer to the light source on a timer 'after' closing the curtain?

The effect would be that of a person with a knife approaching your shower and looming ever larger where no such shadow existed before.
Dun Dun Dah!!!

Rapidly opening the curtain would of course retract all mechanisms so fast that there would be no way to tell through the steam just where the shadow came from...

...until the timer went off again when you close the curtain... or sliding frosted glass door.
I haven't decided yet.

Hire Goran Markovic https://www.youtube...watch?v=d8qzko41X5g
[pashute, Sep 06 2020]

Hire Goran Markovic [pashute, Sep 06 2020]


       You scare me, S.S. Man. I can't wait to visit. Go away, COVID crap.
blissmiss, Sep 04 2020

       If speed is of essence, use a simple projector (hidden in an extract duct or somewhere...) instead of a mechanism. You could still do "looming closer" shadows, depending on how complicated you want to get.
Also, congrats on getting (some) things running.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 04 2020

       I had a really good version of the Psycho shower curtain but made the mistake of washing it once too often. I accidentally allowed the washing machine to go into the drying cycle..... result - the once glorious curtain shrivelled up like a crisp bag into a crumpled fused ball of plastic. None of the Psycho curtains I have seen since come close to its quality. I thoroughly approve of this excellent idea. [+]
xenzag, Sep 06 2020

       This could easily cause those with cardiac conditions or a nervous nature to suffer profound psychological trauma, panic attacks, serious injuries from slipping in the shower, or even a fatal heart attack.   


       A projection of a huge spider shadow, or a snake, could be equally effective. The system needs to be discreetly integrated into the ceiling luminaire, and as bathroom fittings of that type tend to be a bit bulky so as to be reasonably proof against water vapour, that shouldn't be difficult. If it's fully integrated with the ambient illumination source, there will be no change in the rest of the room, just this vast, stealthy, threatening shadow ....   



       <Satisfied sigh/>
8th of 7, Sep 06 2020

       Oh this is good! This is very very good. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 06 2020

       For those watching on the CCTV, yes. For the victim, maybe not so much ...
8th of 7, Sep 06 2020

       A smaller (cheaper) version would to have a cut-out rotate around a light bulb in the ceiling.
AusCan531, Sep 07 2020

       hmmm an ellipse perhaps... lateral eye-catching movement with depth of field.   

       Projectors would I think illuminate the curtain around the projection destroying the illusion of actual shadow unless incorporated into the light source itself.   

       Spiders for sure though... maybe the odd cockroach.   

       //Also, congrats on getting (some) things running//   

       Thanks! It's taken some doing. Check me in five years.   


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