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Shake-Activated Paper Towel Dispenser

Motivates folks to use common sense and shake the water off their hands before reaching for a paper towel.
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If you shake your hands vigorously enough, you can dry your hands completely using only one single paper towel.

Inspired by observations of others in public restrooms who thoughtlessly pull 5 or 7 paper towels without giving a thought to the waste, discussions with my husband Don, and a TED talk about shaking hands 7-12 times and wiping more effectively with a single paper towel (see link for video), I think it's time we had an idea that reaches more people. The public needs this device!

In order to dispense one paper towel, users must shake their hands in front of the dispenser, preferably while at the sink, if the device is installed above it, vigorously, at least 3 times. "Shake 'em three, save a tree" will be emblazoned, to remind folks to shake their hands dry three or more times before requesting paper towels to complete drying.

XSarenkaX, Sep 13 2013

Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel http://www.ted.com/..._a_paper_towel.html
TED Talks video demonstrating effective hand drying technique. [XSarenkaX, Sep 13 2013]


       You just have to laugh when others do inconsiderate things. The funniest thing was seeing the entire roll removed from the dispenser, by someone who had trouble getting the towels no doubt, wiping their wet hands on the outside of the entire roll, and carelessly throwing it away.
rcarty, Sep 13 2013

       Also I was thinking of other possibilities, including having a sexy maniquin with paper towel bra and panties that mens room patrons could fondle, and remove to dry their hands.   

       Also maybe a trampoline for people getting out of the shower to save drying towels -- that's energy right...   

       Or a fluffy mascot that can be slapped and punched to dry the hands, worn by an unlucky and underpaid attendant
rcarty, Sep 13 2013

       I'm always redundantly being redundant, it seems. I guess I like to be doubly thorough on some points.   

       I'm loving all the buns, though. Wee!
XSarenkaX, Sep 13 2013

       Great tree saving idea. +
blissmiss, Sep 13 2013


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