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Public Restroom Tally Board

Keep track of how many have used each stall
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I beleive some research has shown that people are compelled by some psychological reason or another to choose one stall over another in a public restroom. This extra use naturally makes one toilet dirtier than the others.

It would be possible to rectify this by putting a dry-erase board or blackboard on the outside door of each stall, with a piece of chalk or a pen on a string. People would mark a tally each time they used a stall, until a janitor comes along and cleans the toilet and the board. This way patrons could see which stalls had been used more heavily, and adjust their habbits to provide a more consistently clean restroom.

Of course, some jokers might come along and erase the board or add in dozens of tallies, or simply add no mark at all. An electronic counter might be best if this problem came up.

discontinuuity, Nov 13 2005


       What is specifically wrong with this idea? I think you should explain any fishbones.
discontinuuity, Nov 14 2005

       People do not like their bathroom habits tracked. Even if its annonymous.
Jscotty, Nov 14 2005

       I don't really understand why not. Wouldn't you want to know how clean a toilet is before you use it?
discontinuuity, Nov 14 2005

       bun for the thought. surely you could instead install saniting spray or those paper liners.   

       alternatively, assuming you were 'normal' you could get clever and deliberately go to the toilet that is your second choice - based on your theory of consistent cubicle selection it would most likely be the least used.... but then again what if you developed a habit and your second choice ends up being your first choice....
sprogga, Nov 14 2005

       We did this on my floor during my first semester of college. Everyone kept using the same stall anyway.
kevinthenerd, Feb 29 2012

       And I'll bet you didn't mop it up afterwards. Disgusting.
spidermother, Feb 29 2012


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