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Shapeshifting Office Desk

Change your desk setup based on what you work on
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Ever not have enough working space on your desk? How about a electronic shape shifting desk that transforms itself to style better suited for what you are working on a particular day. The desk would be metal frame with wood panels, innovative hinges and acctuators that move the parts around. There could be draws and shelves and hide or rotate depending on your preference too.
pastrychef, Oct 09 2008


       Thank God! If it were *shape*shifting I might have shat a brick, when I saw it.   

       Crap name, crap idea, [-], stick with the chan, man....
4whom, Oct 09 2008

       sp. "shape-shifting" , "an electronic", "actuators", "drawers".
Welcome to the HB.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Oct 09 2008

       how would it know what I want? lego would suit me better.   

       +1 for your name - someone should have thought of that sooner.   

       sp: (and) = that.
po, Oct 09 2008


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