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Overnight tipping desk

Really stupid
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Some companies have a "clean desk" policy.

Quite why this should be remains entirely obscure, but nonetheless such irrational regimes exist.

A simple way for anally-retentive managers to enforce the Führer Direktiv is to equip the office with the BorgCo Tipping Desk.

A small portion of the desk, at the back, is fixed, and supports a moinitor or monitors, a phone, and a coffee mug.

The greater part of the surface is hinged along the front edge.

At midnight, the front portion of the desk slowly rises to a vertical position, tipping everything off into an untidy mess on the floor. Then it returns to horizontal.

The next morning, the offender has the tedious task of picking up and re-arranging their stuff. Easier to put it back in the drawers ...

8th of 7, Nov 13 2016

Can also be used for headbanging Auto_20Headbanger
[mitxela, Nov 13 2016]

You should install these first ... DocumNets
[normzone, Nov 16 2016]


       // the front portion of the desk slowly rises to a vertical position, tipping everything off into an untidy mess on the floor.// Shirley this would just tip everything onto the fixed back-part of the desk?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2016

       That has now been clarified.
8th of 7, Nov 13 2016

       Which would help you see what was up there if you were hiding underneath the desk. But would also make the desk less good for hiding underneath.
bungston, Nov 13 2016

       //Easier to put it back in the drawers// Easier still to sit on the floor and work.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2016

       um...(pushes things off) into a wastebasket? or how about a mini desk roomba that pushes things off into appropriate mini recycle containers?
beanangel, Nov 14 2016

       [+] except for the mention of the horrid murderer's favorite title.
pashute, Nov 14 2016

       Wouldn't a person, just before leaving for home, pull out all their draws and file folders and arrange them on the floor in a Rube-esque way.   

       The magic of consequence will again surprise tomorrow.
wjt, Nov 15 2016

       If you only tip the standard 15 to 20%, most of the stuff will still be there in the morning for the waiter to deal with.
popbottle, Nov 16 2016


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