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Shared display of a phone set
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A lot of jokes on Facebook are made about people isolated on Facebook, in cafes,birthday parties, etc. Gone are the days of everyone sitting around the same TV.

The idea is for a video kiosk/phone recharger which turns any phone connected into a public tv.

Also useful if there's an emergency and there's not enough bandwidth available for everyone to watch updates on separate phones.

4and20, May 14 2016


       I like it, but can't guess how do to it.   

       The union of Bartenders and Cocktail Waitresses would likely fund research to get a prototype up and running.   

       ( You can't sell a lot of drinks to someone who never bothers to go into your bar. )
popbottle, May 14 2016

       I own a cable which connects my laptop to many standard tvs. That is all I am willing to say at this time.
4and20, May 16 2016


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