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Sheep Decoys

for ewe too
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All the benefits of real sheep (except lawn mowing and wool production) without the muss and fuss. Not for hunting but display, a flock of artificial sheep with movable legs and heads that can easily be repositioned in various settings from the front or back yard to the living room or even bedroom.

Available in white, but if you purchase 339 or more you get a single black one free.

nuclear hobo, May 11 2007

Hanns-Peter Krafft: Sheep Stool (1982) http://www.mossonli...5955/category_id/33
Between $575 and $1200? Yikes. Cute though. [jutta, May 12 2007]

the whole farm... http://www.harpersl...om/catalog/farm.pdf
[xandram, May 12 2007]

Lovin’ Lamb Party Sheep http://www.somethin...90&mr:referralID=NA
[nuclear hobo, May 13 2007]

Electric Sheep http://www.bbc.co.u...lectric_sheep.shtml
As seen in Milton Keynes. Someone clearly dreams of them. [DrBob, May 14 2007]


       What are the benefits of sheep other than lawn mowing and wool production?
BJS, May 11 2007

       Well for a start, if you're in a meeting and it's not going very well - a sudden deployment of a good sized flock of decoy sheep can turn the attentions of the other attendees away from you for just long enough for your to make a hasty retreat. Genius [+]
zen_tom, May 11 2007

       they could all baa at burglers or the police or the mother-in-law...
po, May 12 2007

       //What are the benefits of sheep other than lawn mowing and wool production?// You're not from Wales, then?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 12 2007

       Do androids dream of electronic sheep ?
normzone, May 12 2007

       Do humans dream of sheep? And do electronic sheep dream of androids?
marklar, May 13 2007

       Does a wolf dream of sheeps clothing?   

       For in that sheep of death, what strange dreams may come?
DrBob, May 14 2007

       Just how "functional" will these sheep be?
twitch, May 14 2007

       //All the benefits of real sheep// If it pleases you, [twitch], think of it as a harem.
nuclear hobo, May 14 2007

       I'd put 10 or 15 onto the roof of my house.
skinflaps, May 14 2007


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