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Pubic Hair Sticker

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The pubic hair on the toilet seat. Eventually you will encounter one. But on the sink? The desk? The ticket counter? The lunch table? Yes, yes, yes and yes with the Pubic Hair Sticker from BUNGCO! This transparent sticker features a lifelike large and curly pubic hair, complete with apparent shadow for 3D effect. Place one everywhere you think one might encounter a pubic hair. Hilarity will ensue!
bungston, Aug 07 2009


       Wouldn't it be simpler and more convincing to supply a fake hair than a sticker?
ldischler, Aug 07 2009

       Gum? Real hair? That would be unhygienic! Plus the sticker must be peeled up to be removed, and once people realize it's just a sticker then they will leave it alone because they are in on the joke.
bungston, Aug 07 2009

       I do like the idea of those chattering false teeth with enough chomp to chew some gum.
bungston, Aug 07 2009


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