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Sheep Time

Boss "I was late because.....I got up late.. no really.. see"
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Ever got the feeling that though you went to bed at 9:00 PM it feels as though you got very little sleep? Finally technology can tell me how long I really slept. welcome the “sleep watch”. The idea is simple enough. The wrist watch has a sensor at the bottom that measures bio-rhythms (the assumption is that bio-rhythms during sleep are different from those when people are awake). when you go to sleep a trigger is set. In the morning you'll know exactly how long you slept.
nomadic_wonderer, Jul 10 2004

brainwaves etc. http://brain.web-us...inwavesfunction.htm
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       And the sheep comes in where?
wagster, Jul 10 2004

       if memory serves me right, REM sleep and non-REM sleep have different rhythms and both are necessary for a refreshing sleep. one of them resembles a waking state i.e. meditative? nice idea though or would it increase the time you spend worrying about not being able to sleep?
po, Jul 10 2004

       How does a wrist watch measure what's going on in your brain?
jutta, Jul 10 2004

       is that a trick question?
po, Jul 10 2004

       //when you go to sleep a trigger is slept.//
lurch, Jul 10 2004


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