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Timesaver (TM)

Writstwatch for Emergency Services
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Paramedics, firefighters, nurses, police and security guards need to recall the time when some things happen for legal documentation.

Often, these things happen while a lot of other activity is going on, making the exact time a guessing game.

The Timesaver(TM) EMSwatch has a button that stores the time in a memory bank that can be later recalled in another mode.

The few times that this button is pressed would be remembered by the user because of the chime feedback and the few number of times that the button was pressed. Also, the sequence of events is fairly easy to remember, just not the five 4-digit times of when those things happened.

I would add other customised features for medical personnel and geriatric users.

subflower, Aug 05 2005

The virtual chaperone http://www.economis...fm?story_id=3398801
Doctors will soon get these to save nurses having to sit in as chaperones - how long 'til every appointment is recorded? [moomintroll, Aug 09 2005]

Thermal imager for Emergency services http://thermalimage...ard.com/index01.cfm
I'm surprised these don't come with the ability to record long videos, too. [moomintroll, Aug 09 2005]


       You should be able to add a small voice recorder as well. State what's happening when you press the button ("Arriving on scene"), and it plays it back for you later along with showing the time.
Worldgineer, Aug 05 2005

       Instead of pushing buttons, could voice commands be used? A command would be recognized and the associated event name along with a timestamp would be stored (but no audio recorded).   

       (oops, I nearly collided with [World])
half, Aug 05 2005

       8:45. Near collision. No casualties.
hidden truths, Aug 06 2005

       Excellent. 11:34, 8th Croissant safely reaches destination.   

       I have thought extensively about a voice recorder capability and I have not included it specifically because my opinion is that auditory cues are not as functional as numerical ones for this application. I know it seems counterintuitive, but the sequence of events is what you remember and what is important. With auditory cues you get distracted by a detail that might be in the background at the scene. Upon recalling the sound file, you begin to visualize that moment and relive the experience rather than stay a step out of the situation. Actual observations and actions are more important than the feeling about that moment. Digital numerical times keep it clinical. There is also the peer pressure element. Someone would always be listening to your stressed out voice.   

       The point is to relieve stress elements.   

       Also, when recalling the events, you would blast a potentially quiet or sensitive area with family members who really don't want to hear sirens and screaming while you tell them "everything is going to be fine."   

       Everything about this is optimized for the task at hand. Two icons for observations and actions, a pulse specific portion of the display to allow better multitasking, large minute hands, less large second hands, smaller but thicker hours. Just a day and date. Few modes and no junk.   

       I'd like a dot matrix LCD for later customizations and perhaps a bluetooth downlink for annotation to the patient record of treatment. Personnel add the text describing that capture after the download.   

       Soundfiles would be too much information and fidelity is an issue in noisy situations.   

       Police versions would be better for that kind of capability.
subflower, Aug 09 2005

       It could be even simpler if, rather than a button, the watch would store the time at which it received a solid whack. I am sure this would be easy to do as paramedics, police etc were waving their arms around during the emergency.   

       If built into a nightstick, it could also record the time something was whacked. If one used the stick to whack a watch, they could corroborate each other.
bungston, Aug 09 2005

       One hundred points to bungston.
calum, Aug 09 2005

       Nice idea, welcome to the bakery. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Aug 09 2005

       Can you lose the [TM] on everything, please? It's pretentious and annoying.
bristolz, Aug 09 2005

       Why not just record the whole thing? Can't imagine that memory space would be a problem for, say, a nine hour stretch. Maybe have a button to put in 'bookmarks' in the recording you can come back to.   

       //Often, these things happen while a lot of other activity is going on // Often, these things happen with no warning and very little time to react. I disagree that vox would be less funtional. The point is to recall things later, isn't it? Like, in a court? I suspect memory is likely to recall more if faced with an auditory stimulus rather than a rather dry "8:45. Near collision. No casualties" ;-)   

       //Fewer modes and no junk// ...bluetooth?   

       Nice idea though. I just think it shouldn't be something that these guys have to think about, turn to, tap at. They've generally got enough on their plates.
moomintroll, Aug 09 2005

       Why not vox?   

       You are in a crowded ER noises all over, hard to hear.   

       Your form indicates a place for the exact time you pushed pitocin.   

       It might not be useful in a quiet room (or possible in a loud one) to hear your recording of a screaming woman in labor just to hear "Pitocin pushed at 08:15"   

       The time is enough. Pressing the (ergonomically designed) button would be secon nature. One is dimpled one has a raised bump. Simple. To recall, you go to another mode and the times are all displayed in sequence. It would be used maybe three or four times per patient, tops.   

       Recording the scene could also create legal hassles to have the recording subpoena'd. Easier and more objective to just trap the time when you like.   

       Did I mention the other nifty features specific to this field?   

       Seriously it is totally implementable. It just needs cash to start. 100k including a sure fire marketing regime.
subflower, Aug 29 2005


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