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Shift Up

Select a sentence with Shift-Up
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As someone who types constantly, I am always looking for shortcuts. It frustrates me when highlighting text that oftentimes a multi-line sentence can be easier to highlight than a single -line sentence. This is due to the fact that if one's cursor is at the end of a multi-line sentence one must press shift-up repeatedly (the number of times the sentence has lines.) The sentence is quickly highlighted. In the case of a one line sentence a person has to press Shift-left repeatedly (the number of times there are characters.) This is bound to take longer since there are usually more characters than there are lines. Inefficiency here is clear.

Regardless. Alt-A is just too out of the way, and highlights to the beginning of the paragraph (often more than I need.) Why not add efficiency and make the highlight sentence quick key: Shift-Up.

Blumster, Nov 29 2004

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       This is based on the fact that I often want to edit sentences (read: delete them) right after I type them, thus I am at the end of my entered text. I don't think your shortcut works in this case.
Blumster, Nov 29 2004

       In that case, you'll want to go up and right instead of left.
jutta, Nov 29 2004

       OK, I think I better understand your suggestion now, I use it often. However, it can only cut down so much on key strokes, as I'm sure you know.
Blumster, Nov 29 2004

       Why not just highlight the sentence with your mouse?
Kenry52, Nov 29 2004

       [Kenry52]: Highlighting things with a mouse - using mice in general - requires a lot of hand/eye coordination and puts strain on your eyes and your shoulder; it also requires you to move your arm from the home position on the keyboard. It's slow, too. It doesn't feel slow - so much is going on - but it is, and you'll feel yourself relax more if you learn the keyboard short cuts for your most frequent tasks.   

       [I've never heard the theory that this is gender-specific; do you have a reference for that, ConsulFlaminicus?]
jutta, Nov 29 2004

       Keyboard shortcuts vs. mouse manipulation seems to be one of those male / female things.
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 29 2004

       In Word 2002, you can sextuple-click on the second letter of the sentence to perform the desired function.
phundug, Nov 29 2004

       You know that ctrl+shift+arrow selects entire words at a time, right? Ctrl+backspace similarly. (In windows, anyway.)
omegatron, Nov 29 2004

       Blumster, I feel your pain.   



       RIGHT, SHIFT-UP   

       That'll get your one-line sentence.   

       ...and don't forget omeg's CTRL key (...and phun's tripple-click if you can be bothered going to the mouse way, way, way, pvert there.)   

       Make friends with the HOME and END keys, too. (SHIFT-HOME, SHIFT-END)
not_only_but_also, Nov 30 2004


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