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Strength-Building Keyboard

Variable-resistance keys to make for strong fingers!
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I see so many engineers with hand exercisers next to their keyboards. Why not combine the two? I'm picturing a knob at the top of the keyboard that adjusts the pressure necessary to press a key. Start at 98lb weakling, work up to Ahnold!
drzeus, Sep 10 2007

Proud Keyboarder http://www.kitcheng...cs/popeye092306.jpg
[drzeus, Sep 10 2007]

save me the trouble of posting it . . . http://shop.usbtypewriter.com/
converts a manual typewriter into a USB computer keyboard. [FlyingToaster, Oct 18 2012]


       Seeing as all you are exercising is your forearms I think you would be working your way up from Castor Oyl to Popeye.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 10 2007

       There could be a different exercise for each letter - e.g. the Enter key is a 20-lb dumbbell: lift it to type a carriage return. The caps lock is a hand grip; for an @ sign, hit the punching bag near the monitor.
phundug, Sep 10 2007

       whew, OK a + for you, only if it's on my backspace key.
xandram, Sep 10 2007

       I'm guessing you never used a typewriter, especially not to cut a mimeo stencil.   

       Hand execercisers strengthen your grip, presumably for squash. What on earth would a stiff keyboard strengthen your fingers for - poking people?
DrCurry, Sep 10 2007


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