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Typing Gloves

Constrains the movements of each finger to their designated keys when typing.
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The first typing gloves were introduced decades ago to train the hands of typists to become more biomechanically efficient. They were a great success in increasing productivity as they prevented the manicuring of nails in the workplace, and limited the movement of fingers to performing only the keystrokes designated for each.

However, the need for these gloves was short lived as new technologies were developed for copying text and they soon fell into obscurity. Quite fittingly, these gloves that were once the accepted apparatus of professional typists are now the enigmatic conglomerations of stainless steel, machine screws, and yellowed leather that are passed over at museums and yard sales, and once adorned the hands of a fictional serial killer, who like the gloves themselves haunts the dreams of all who encountered them.

Finally, these wonderous gloves have been revived for the digital-information age. Cohorts of young people will feel their hands constrained by these most conforming gloves as they learn how to efficiently interface with their new masters as they sit row upon row mesmerized by glowing light. No longer do these gloves passively restrict movement by crude ratcheting hinges, but through a digital connection with the computer selects the very finger to be moved, and allows the wearer to comply.

rcarty, Aug 11 2012

johnny mnemonic gloves http://www.youtube....watch?v=bL_8Ugp9zI4
[not_morrison_rm, Aug 11 2012]

Haptic gloves https://courses.cit...tz36/twocolumn.html
[CraigD, Aug 11 2012]

Hapless gloves http://www.company7...urelHardy468319.jpg
being modelled, with piano.. [not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2012]


       Yep, sounds at least as good as the other one and overcomes the problem of a socket implanted in the head becoming obsolete.
nineteenthly, Aug 11 2012

       Sounds like haptic gloves. The cyber-slavery is more third-party software, not hardware.   

       Adding to my long list of failed tech predictions, I imagined everybody would be wearing sleeked-down versions of these to tap and stroke virtual gadgets rendered to them by augmented reality glasses sometime around 2009.   

       Google glass should be in stores in a year or so. For haptic gloves, we’ll have to content ourselves with reading about them in novels like “Ready Player 1”.
CraigD, Aug 11 2012

       How about Hapless gloves? Always dropping stuff. Good when for moving piano up long, stepped paths.
not_morrison_rm, Aug 13 2012


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