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It's the 1700s and you're stranded.
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Your ship of 64, of whom 16 are able-bodied seamen and 48 are paying passangers, leave from a noted port in the Old World to come make a life in the New.

However, something goes wrong. Your ship goes awry in a storm, and your ship is thrown onto a sandbar. You have ten minutes to evacuate the ship and whatever useful gear you can get off.

The 64 stranded people aren't just anyone. They're randomly chosen from a roster of 256 characters at the start of the game -- and they all have interactions with each other. This man might be a true gentleman towards the ladies, but have a seething hate of Jews; this lady might be slovenly, but have skills that others begrudge her for; this man might be a rabid Englishman, and will only talk with those who speak good King's English; another man might be a contract laborer, and drunk (and wreckless) in his newfound 'freedom'.

You have to organize these people, take care of food, clothing, and shelter, and try to find a way home. You don't know if rescue will come in a year or a decade, if indeed it ever will come at all. Deal with droughts, savages, passing pirates, marraige, death, and usurpers, as this motley cross-selection of the population of Europe circa 1700 has to find a way to live together in peace.

Almafeta, Dec 20 2003

Schiffbruch http://www.fullgames.sk/hra.asp?id=667
video game [Spacecoyote, Nov 17 2007]

Sid Meier's Pirates! http://en.wikipedia...rates%21_%282004%29
video game [Spacecoyote, Nov 17 2007]

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       I work in Quality Assurance, close enough to this for me...
normzone, Dec 20 2003

       Before I checked the category, I thought this was another idea for a reality show...
DrCurry, Dec 20 2003

       tragically afterbaked on the Titanic.
neilp, Dec 20 2003

       DrCurry: Isn't that Survivor?
Almafeta, Dec 20 2003

       There are some similar games out there [links]...this would make great reality TV (Survivor isn't about surviving)
Spacecoyote, Nov 17 2007

       sp: passengers
Klaatu, Nov 17 2007

       theres a civ builder game called Anno 1701 thats basically this....
rascalraidex, Nov 18 2007

       Sims shipwrecked already stole a (similar) idea, albeit no boat, not as many people, and have less scripted and not as many interactions possible... I reckon it's similar
xxobot, Nov 18 2007


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