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Shirttail holder

How to keep shirttails tucked in
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It's hard for a fat guy to keep his shirt-tails tucked in. Velcro and buttons are impractical and time consuming. My method works perfectly and SAVES time because you get dressed faster. You sew the front of your dress shirts shut like polo shirts, just below the fourth button. Do it with a sewing machine and the same color thread.
Roger Kovaciny, Dec 27 2007

shirt garters http://www.armysurp....asp?ProductID=2971
You wouldn't believe it unless you've seen it. [dentworth, Dec 28 2007]


       And then sew the shirt tails to your pants.
normzone, Dec 27 2007

       A good tailor should make properly fitted shirts that don't tend to untuck themselves. However, if you find this solution inadequate, why not just ask him to put extra buttons and buttonholes further down the front? I don't see how this is any more time-consuming than having to put the shirt on over one's head after stitching the tails together.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 27 2007

       Why not just sew the shirt together completely, so that it's a faux buttoner?
Noexit, Dec 28 2007

       "Tuck-ins" attract the maximum penalty from the fashion police... and besides I don't own a single shirt, so not much use to me.
xenzag, Dec 28 2007

       The U.S.Marines use shirt garters that attach to the bottom of their shirt-tails, and the other end to the top of the socks.
dentworth, Dec 28 2007

       Damn you dentworth; I was just about to suggest "shirt braces".
dbmag9, Dec 28 2007

       [Dent's] technique was pioneered by the mid-20th century German Army, using whalebone.
egbert, Dec 28 2007

dentworth, Dec 30 2007


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