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Tank Top

Grind body armor, pour in fishwater
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A 2-layer clear polycarbonate cuirass, with an inch or two of space between the layers (depending on your strength). The interior space is filled with water, inside which resides a tiny aquatic community, filled with tiny aquatic flora and fauna.

Now, pet fish don't have to get left behind when you take your other animal friends on outings with you.

21 Quest, Sep 05 2011

Don't forget to feed the fish... http://declubz.com/...eird-fish-neck-tie/
Smelly. [Twizz, Sep 07 2011]


       + cute, albeit a pun!
xandram, Sep 06 2011

       mfd, baked (link). [-]
daseva, Sep 06 2011

       Not the same thing... it is similar, granted, but only insomuch as a necktie is the same thing as a breastplate. And while mine is rigid, made of polycarbonate material and worn like a cuirass, that linked product is merely a bag hanging from the wearer's neck.
21 Quest, Sep 06 2011

       How many HB ideas could be imitated in attenuated form by some kind of bag hanging round the wearer's neck?
pocmloc, Sep 06 2011

       God I'm tired of people screaming "baked" if anything with a vaguely similar name or goal shows up.

       It's not baked unless there's an actual product that does the same thing in the same way. speedbumps: baked. custard speedbumps: not baked. fish bowl: baked. swimming "fish" bowl: not baked. blimp: baked. hullaballoon: not baked.
Voice, Sep 06 2011

       Meh.... he's just being daseva.
21 Quest, Sep 06 2011

       //swimming "fish" bowl// .......... ?
daseva, Sep 06 2011

       Mmm... own medicine.

       Swimming fish bowl is that idea for the rolling hamster enclosure ball for fish.
rcarty, Sep 06 2011

       Wow, way to take things personally and hold a grudge. I'm deleting those links due to a complete lack of relevancy to my idea. If you try to stir up shit with your annos, I'll delete them too. Keep your comments relevant to THIS idea and leave your personal grudges and character assassination attempts at the login screen, please.

       (For those of you who didn't see them, there were 3 links, each to a single photo. One was a plastic bag shaped like a necktie, with a goldfish in it. The second was a small-animal kennel worn with straps like a backpack. The third was a fishbowl with a carrying handle.)
21 Quest, Sep 06 2011

       Any character assassination was of your own interpretation, 21. I said nothing cutting towards you, but was trying to add to the discussion. It is my opinion that portable enclosures for fish are relevant here, thanks for summing up my efforts.
daseva, Sep 06 2011

       Not relevant in the context of prior art, which was what you were claiming each of those examples to be.
21 Quest, Sep 06 2011

       Now I gotta go hunt those links down on my own.
It's dark, and I'm all alone.

       It's like the first time I had sex...
but more work.

       Quit that.   

       < gently picks up toys, and replaces them in 21's pram >
TolpuddleSartre, Sep 07 2011

       //(For those of you who didn't see them, there were 3 links...//
Would you mind posting them so we can get a better idea of what all the fuss is about?
swimswim, Sep 07 2011

       yes please- links are not there!
xandram, Sep 07 2011

       Dragging the annos kicking and screaming back to the idea....

       I am dissapointed that this idea was not for an armoured steel coat fitted with a large calibre gun mounted on a rotating turret hood.

       Especially so dissapointed when I see that it's 21Q's idea.

       Worth noting that a garment as described, 36" round 18" high and 2" thick, would contain 56lb of water. That's a lot to carry for the sake of a fashion gag.
Twizz, Sep 07 2011

       I didn't exactly copy the URLs, guys.
21 Quest, Sep 07 2011

       Will be inhabitants of the aquarium be chosen to be temperature tolerant ? It's questionable whether the human will produce enough heat to keep tropical fish at the minimum temperature for survival.

       Curved portions of the tank could have lens-like characteristics, so be careful in bright sunlight lest painful burns are the result.
8th of 7, Sep 07 2011

       I rather like the idea. +
blissmiss, Sep 07 2011

       The links were actually kind of funny with [daseva]'s commentary. They shouldn't have been deleted as they were relevant to the idea.

       Now with the dearth of links I'm forced to put up one of a wet tank top.
rcarty, Sep 07 2011

       Regarding weight, the idea is to have either a breastplate *or* backplate filled with water, not both unless there's some way to join the two with a water-tight seal, and if you don't like the 2- inch version then use the 1-inch. That should quarter the weight in your calculations, methinks. Regarding sunburn, wear a shirt under it.
21 Quest, Sep 07 2011

       If you bake this, you need to be ready for strangers to point at you and holler "Cuirass!"
bungston, Sep 08 2011

       Hahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahaha
21 Quest, Sep 08 2011

       //Swimming fish bowl is that idea for the rolling hamster enclosure ball for fish//

       I was imagining a bowl that swims about in a fish tank.
Voice, Sep 20 2011


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