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Shock bell

Punish x who do y - but in a creative manner.
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Those dang personal service bells. Employers put them out on the front desks, but they aren't the ones who have to listen to them. It is the poor desk workers who have to endure some Neanderthal in a dripping swimsuit wail on the bell because the candy machine ate his kid's dime.

I propose a shock bell. It would look exactly like a standard bell, but be built along the same lines as a high end electric shock hand buzzer, delivering a harmless but exciting jolt through the button. There could be a setting on the underside. One could set it to deliver the shock only after 3 rings in rapid succession, to shock only the bell pounders and spare the polite folks who deliver a single quiet ding. But really, why not shock them too - set the bell to deliver the jolt on any ring.

Many desks have security cameras, so just think of the amusing videos which could be obtained when the shock bell is in use. It would be wise to have a regular bell on hand as well, to set out when the boss comes to investigate complaints.

bungston, May 02 2003


       "Creative" rant.
snarfyguy, May 02 2003

       I want to give you the Croissant for the creativity... but the first time an old person with a pace-maker has a heart-attack..... well lets just leave it at that.   

       Reminds me of a "shock box" a pal of mine built in high-school. A simple wooden box with a 9V battery and a liquid mercury switch. The box was covered in foil so that if you held it and moved the box in such a way that the switch connected, you got a nasty shock.   

       The bugger wrapped it to look like a christmas gift and passed it around to the group.
kdmurray, Nov 27 2006


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