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Radio stations as hold music

If you don't like Muzak
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When you're placed on hold, you usually hear boring muzak. What I suggest is this: let the person hear the radio while on hold. You could choose what station to hear by pressing the frequency on the phone pad, and use the star key for the decimal point. For example, to hear 102.5, you would press 102*5. It would make the wait less boring.
kewldude471, May 24 2005

Hooked_20on_20Hold! Wherein DrCurry says "many call waiting systems allow you to plug in the radio station of your choice, making this an everyday occurrence out there in office land." No supporting evidence led. [calum, May 25 2005]


       Well, I've heard radio stations as hold music before, but the searchable option gets a [+]
normzone, May 24 2005

       Just be sure they use caller ID and a database to find out which radio station area you're in. Otherwise, you might plug in "960 AM" to get your local liberal talk radio, only to get "960 AM" in the call center's area in Kentucky, getting an impassioned voice preaching that Jesus wants you to kill people.
sophocles, May 24 2005

       I just saw this idea in the local paper as a comic strip not ten minutes ago - although you had to choose a genre using the keypad.
normzone, May 25 2005

       Fuckin' A.
Eugene, May 25 2005

       So... the phone service gets paid from the station, for all to be happy, since it cuts from time the phone service could be telling you how great they are.   

       The proof is in the pudding.
daseva, May 25 2005

       Croissant for this one...   

       But since you could be calling form anywhere in the world, perhaps just allowing the caller to cycle through 8-10 options using the # key would work better...   

       Otherwise how would the business in Sydney Australia be able to play your local radio in Medicine Hat, Canada?
kdmurray, Nov 27 2006

       My workplace does this with our hold system, but their is no choice in the station, it is usualy just the local public radio. Mmmmm...NPR.
youngtimer, Nov 27 2006


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