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Shoe Democracy

Find out what your candidates are REALLY like.
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Y'know how politicians are rarely to be trusted, other than their being, on the whole, a pretty safe bet as regards the hideousness of their garb and startling lack of awareness as to the extent of their small-child-in-the-dressing-up-boxness.

Since they can't be relied to tell the truth at election hustings about what they will do for you, I suggest that instead of their faces on the hustings papers they send out, they be obliged to provide a picture of their footwear. My Dad always said you can measure a person's trustworthiness by the quality and style of their footwear.

I work in an establishment that is overrun by outlandishly-garbed politicos in unco-ordinated and ill-fitting clothes, which are always set of nicely by ghastly (yet no doubt "comfortable") shoes that are more Cuban missile crisis than Cuban heel and which look like they've been made out of an raggedy-assed truck tyre and an old rugby ball. The women tend towards clumpy leasen things that look like they were designed by a committee of four-year-olds, and we all know how unconcerned they are about, for example, whether the shoe is on the correct foot, is tied properly and so on.

My point is this: you can tell a lot about people by the care they devote to details and politicians who are in the public eye and who get paid plenty in taxpyers' bucks, should be trusted to look as though they didn't just climb out of cloth recycling bank.

Not wearing cartoon-like shoes is as good a way as any of getting people on your side, so if we vote for them based ona fair and honest assessment of their footwear, we will be all be happier.


lemon tetra, Apr 02 2004


       I thought we were judging politicans by whether they wear boxers or jockey shorts (y-fronts)?
DrCurry, Apr 02 2004

       aww, I thought this was going to be some clever takeoff on "vote with your feet"
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2004

       two words for lemon, Imelda Marcos.
dentworth, Apr 02 2004

       This is rubbish.   

       No originality. No beauty. No fun.   

       It's not even stooopid.
juliec2, Aug 10 2004


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