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Transgendered Iraqi Politicians

Now I am qualified!
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The Iraqi constitution mandates that 25% of parliament members be women. I propose that a qualified male candidate become eligible for this quota by becoming transgendered. The candidate, probably someone young, outspoken and known to some degree, would adopt a woman persona and name, then campaign using it. The degree to which she actually became a woman would be a matter of personal choice and nobody's business but hers.

Perhaps this would make a mockery of this aspect of the Iraqi constitution. The Iraqis could use some laughs.

bungston, Apr 19 2010

25% of parliament must be women http://www.npr.org/...p?storyId=125996804
[bungston, Apr 19 2010]

Maybe along these lines. http://en.wikipedia...i/Dame_Edna_Everage
[bungston, Apr 19 2010]

Transgender Welcome Wagon Transgender_20Welcome_20Wagon
The TWW will be ready for them. [phoenix, Apr 19 2010]

Cicciolina’s Sexual Politics http://www.imow.org...wStory?storyid=1205
"But many others recognized that she was using sexuality not only to get elected, but also to poke fun at the hypocrisy she saw in the Italian government. " [bungston, Apr 19 2010]

Madea http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Mabel_Simmons
for those unfamiliar with her [bungston, Apr 19 2010]

Transexuality in Iran http://en.wikipedia...nssexuality_in_Iran
I'll let wikipedia explain this subject in more detail ... [Aristotle, Apr 19 2010]


       What happens if no women run for office?
phoenix, Apr 19 2010

       haveyou actually explored the social status of transgendered people in Muslim societies? Generally speaking Islam does not recognize a transgender position. Sexual ambiguity is seen as a disease state that may be cured using surgery. It is very unlikely that a person openly changing gender would continue in public life. As a joke this was already quite unfunny (gender representation, women politicians, impossible!) and throwing the lack of cultural sensitivity and meddling hubris into it makes it really dark. an ironic or anti-joke.
WcW, Apr 19 2010

       Actually, I do believe the koran allows for change of gender and some states pay for the operation. The person can then go through life as the opposite gender. There might still be problems for these people but I do not believe these problems are due to the muslim background but rather the result of "normal" narrowmindedness.   

       Sexual ambiguity and homosexuality are seen as bad, but post-operation persons in theory get the status of their new gender.
zeno, Apr 19 2010

       Comedy, and especially comedy involving gender roles, has a long history as a vantagepoint from which to explore and discuss societal issues. Madea (linked) is an example of exactly what I envision: the nature of the Madea character allows exploration of issues and situtations that would not be possible for the actor who channels her.   

       An Iraqi Madea candidate could not only explore issues of gender within Iraqi society, but also the dynamic interface of gender and politics there, as well as politics as a whole in the new Iraq.   

       I suspect that part of the reason both Dame Edna and Madea are elderly is to downplay the sensual aspect which might come with a younger character (eg: RuPaul) and which could overwhelm other aspects of the endeavor.
bungston, Apr 19 2010

       Actually in Iran people have accused one half of a heterosexual couple of having undergone legal gender reassignment surgery in order for the couple to live together and get round anti-homosexual laws.   

       The thing to remember with Islam is that it is not monolithic. There are at least two main factions plus plenty of cultural variations.
Aristotle, Apr 19 2010

       //Actually, I do believe the koran allows for change of gender and some states pay for the operation//   

       What? Where?! Which Surah of the Qur'an, or in which of the Hadiths?!!   

       [zeno], you may be right that some Islamic States pay for Transgender operations, but I've never found anything even remotely close in the Qur'an, or the Hadiths which might sanction this. Many of the male suicide bombers, it's now starting to be known, were actually gay with no where to turn in an Islamic Society.   

       [WcW] is correct and may even be understating the fact...
Speed Razor, Apr 19 2010

       I gather that if the koran does not specifically state it is bad, then it is ok. But I'll check [Aristotle]'s link now. (may [Aristotle] live a long and prosperous life and do much more halfbaking and may Aristotle be forgotten)
zeno, Apr 19 2010

       Anyhow, [Speed Razor] I will gladly take your word for it. I should have searched and posted a link like [Aristotle] (may aristotle burn in hell) did, that would have been better.
zeno, Apr 19 2010

       My ideas are sadly a bit mundane these days, [zeno], but I do have a couple of ideas quarter-baked.
Aristotle, Apr 20 2010

       Perhaps a more interesting take on this might be the opportunity for women to dominate the Iraqui parliament by assuming male gender.   

       I would guess (uninformed etc.) that there was little or no opportunity for gender reassignment at the time the Qur'an was written, so it is unlikely to be mentioned at all, i.e. not forbidden, therefore allowed.
Twizz, Apr 20 2010

       //What happens if no women run for office?//

Well, if the law states that 25% of the parliament must be women then I guess that 1 in 4 of the members will have to get the chop/have their sexuality forcibly re-assigned.
DrBob, Apr 20 2010

       //it's now starting to be known//   

       That's interesting; known how, exactly, [Speed Razor]?
pertinax, Apr 20 2010

       family interviews I presume. close friends perhaps. Even if we had no information to confirm it I would presume that most adult suicide bombers were social outcasts or self isolated individuals. Suicide is generally a socially directed action.
WcW, Apr 20 2010

       / That's interesting; known how, exactly /   

       Israeli propaganda. Also it is starting to be known that they are bedwetters and pick their noses and eat what they find. Plus they are ashamed of their ugly mommas. That's a suicide bomber for you, it is starting to be known.
bungston, Apr 21 2010


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