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Shoe vacuum

Easy as walking
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On the outside of each shoe you wear, there are vacuum tubes that all connect to a main vacuum tube that connects to the central vacuum console. Lightweight and rechargeable, the vacuum system is attatched in such a way that when you walk around, you vacuum up dust and what not around the area of the outside of each shoe. Also sucks dust from the air and recycles the air. Gel shoulder straps are optional if you want to feel comfortable. Why not just strap it on if you are going to walk around your house.
drummer37, Dec 24 2005

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       how do you do under the bed?
po, Dec 24 2005

       Getting your feet off the ground could be a problem.
ldischler, Dec 24 2005

       both are valid points but the shoe vacuum is just a convenient vacuum in easy places. Im not going to get all complicated and try to rearrange it. I have a dog and dog hair is always rolling around in my house so for me it is convenient. Besides that, if I owned a shoe vacuum, I would probably keep another, more maneuvarable vacuum.
drummer37, Dec 24 2005

       I didn't really see that as a serious impediment. I like the shoe vac, because it allows you to walk on the ceiling, while wearing a feather duster on your head.
ldischler, Dec 24 2005

drummer37, Dec 24 2005

       [drummer37], something like this has been suggested before here, but I deleted it because it was demonstrated to me that something like this has been suggested before here.   

       So, I could be mistaken, but it looks like you're the first to suggest this - if you don't delete it :-)   

       My variation was based on a backpack vacuum I saw the cleaning girl at our company use.
normzone, Dec 25 2005

       If you periodically walk back and scuff around in that sticky stuff on the floor by the shower, you can then walk around the house and dog hair will stick to your regular shoes! Alternate sticky stuff - dog hair - sticky stuff - dog hair. Kind of like paper maiche. And no messy vacuum bags!
bungston, Dec 25 2005

       Just make sure you've open space in the tread pattern to allow airflow and you can avoid ceiling walking and other suckdown problems.
bristolz, Dec 25 2005

       <obligatory bad pun post>This idea sucks.</post>
roleohibachi, Dec 25 2005

       Maybe the entire thing could could be stored in the shoes. Or maybe It could be powered by the wearers breathing, although that might require surgery....
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 14 2009


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