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Footprinting shoes
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Kids of all ages like to express their individuality, so what better than a pair of shoes/trainers/sneakers that print your name or slogan wherever you walk?

The shoes would come supplied with an alphabet of plastic letters that could be clipped into the sole (the letters would be in mirror-reverse to avoid a Homer Simpson-style "DOH!!!!" at the factory :-).

So, you could clip on your name eg 'STEVE' and 'SMITH' onto the your left and right shoes & wherever you went, your footprints would leave your mark - walking through muddy fields or snow, jumping in a puddle & then onto dry paving etc.

seljefloyte, Feb 01 2003

NikeID http://nikeid.nike.com/
Getting your name put onto a pair of shoes. [reap, Oct 04 2004]

Dont mess with Nike http://www.snopes.c...s/consumer/nike.htm
They may have a problem with your personalised shoes, though. [reap, Oct 04 2004]

Half Baked http://www.halfbake...idea/custom_20soles
Not specific to letters, tho. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

Jesus Loves You. http://www.shoesofthefisherman.com/
Baked, to a certain extent. [my face your, Oct 04 2004]


       Why not?
angel, Feb 01 2003

       Neat! Can you give it a bit more descriptive name, though? + (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Feb 01 2003

       No, that was true. 'Wayfarers'. I had some, as a wee lad. There was a compass inside the right heel also.
angel, Feb 01 2003

       Yeah, I'm replying to some [po] said, and which has been deleted. She asked if the shoes with animal tracks actually existed, or were a hoax.
angel, Feb 01 2003

       who deleted me? or was it a hoax?   

       not exactly a method to win friends and influence people [seljefloyte]
po, Feb 01 2003

       He may have done it accidentally. *You* may have done it accidentally!
angel, Feb 01 2003

       //shoes with animal tracks actually existed, or were a hoax//
Shoes with animal tracks were used to _create_ probably the biggest hoax of recent memory: Bigfoot.
krelnik, Feb 01 2003

       oh OK then.
po, Feb 01 2003

       Hey! I didn't write that! - um? - are messages out of synch or something??:   


       [seljefloyte] <the "REAL" Norwegian reed flute>   

       ------ not exactly a method to win friends and influence people [seljefloyte]
seljefloyte, Feb 01 2003

       oh dear - no I did - see my name under yours? (with a date) - perhaps the original deletion was an accident after all :)   

       would it complicate matters still more if I said this was half-baked in Toy Story; Woody has Andy inscribed on the sole of his boot.
po, Feb 01 2003

       No, that was a hoax.
(Am I confusing [po] even more?)
angel, Feb 01 2003

       no, I am not confused at all - tiddly but not confused :)   

       there was a hoax some years ago when big animal tracks OR the devil's footprints were discovered one wintry morning that went right through a village - though gardens and over walls and fences (through the snow) ??
po, Feb 01 2003

       What if your name is joe blogs, wouldnt you violate some sort of trademark or something.
Xen, Feb 01 2003

       Maybe you could get NikeID to help in the bakeability of this. [link1]   

       Then again [link2] maybe not... :)
reap, Feb 02 2003

       I can see a 'World's Dumbest Criminals' episode featuring these in the future.
RayfordSteele, Feb 02 2003


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