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'Follow-me' footprints

Solely for use on dry days.
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It's all happened to us sometime... "Oh, just follow me" seems like a simple enough instruction to follow, but differing walking speeds, maze-like office buildings and crowds of people can often make this a pretty difficult instruction to follow, resulting in much confusion and lost-ness.

But no longer! These shoes, with helpful "this way" arrows moulded into their soles are finished with a sponge-textured rubber that leaches water from a storage unit within the shoe, printing a short-life arrow on the floor for the followee to, well, follow. It's relatively un-messy, and prevents lots of wandering about feeling helpless.

This can be switched on and off at the wearer's preference, to stop stalkers.

Sort of like a Roman prostitute http://books.google...follow%20me&f=false
[mouseposture, May 20 2011]


       My sincere apologies for the pun. It was only semi-intentional.   

       This is a dumb idea. You're going to have numerous problems, not least the health-and-safety repurcussions of leaving wet arrows on shiny office floors.   

       You're going to fit in here just fine. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, May 20 2011

       Naturally, the first thing I think of here is reversing the arrows to confound and annoy, well, generally everyone.   

       Which is what I usually do anyway.
Alterother, May 20 2011

       Roman and Ancient Greek prostitutes have sandals that printed "Follow me". They used hobnails to make patterns in the dirt, though, not sponges.   

       Does that make it baked?
squeak, May 20 2011

       Wear heated shoes and give your followers a thermal imager.
tatterdemalion, May 20 2011

       Reverse the arrows for "Leave Me Alone" footprints.
Boomershine, May 21 2011

       [Alterother] Wait, if you really want to confound and confuse everyone, how about soles that are reversed, i.e., heel (pattern) in front?
Boomershine, May 21 2011

       If you really want to confound your pursuers, wear one of each direction, and watch as they stalk in circles.
friendlyfire, May 21 2011

       Mr Buchanan - Ta vairr much, although shiny floors would produce a very satisfying squeaky sound, and would end up quite clean   

       Squeak - I think it makes it semi-baked, because it's more flirty than purposeful....   

       A water wicking version can be used on rainy days with little water. A "bread crumbs" version with some easily visible litter like dots of colored plastic could be used when there's even more water.

Welcome to the HB and I wish I could bun you an extra one for your user name.
Voice, May 21 2011

       Whai thankyou. It's what I want my favourite band to be called, but sadly they aren't. Hey ho....   

       I like the water-wicking idea, and I think that the breadcrumb idea could become more applicable to the office if you used the little hole-punch circles? On interview days it would look like it had snowed...   

       Confound my _pursuers_?! Wait, who's chasing me? Is it FlyingToaster? Mouseposture? Who?   

       Quick, give me a pair of those reverse-follow-me-shoes!
Alterother, May 21 2011


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