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Shoes that advertise for T-Shirt Companies

It's time for the shoe to be on the other hand.
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Why do we have this incredible fixation with shoes, so much so that shoe companies have advertising budgets of a few billion to blow, and we should wear their brand names on other articles of clothing? Trouble is, they need to be seen. Outside of the commercials, who spends that much time looking at shoes? Why do we wear sports clothes from shoe companies? Diamond commercials aren't even so prevalent. Well, it's time we reverse the trend. Maybe people will start to notice a person's shoes, (reducing their needed investment into ads and sponsorships) if they advertised for other things, like T-Shirt companies, for instance. I want to see shoes that have 'Hanes' logos on them. Or the usual suspects: Marlboro, Guinness, Tide, K-Mart and such.
RayfordSteele, Jan 28 2004

Shoes by a clothing manufacturer http://www.kittyhaw...peedo-flex-fins.htm
Do these count? [benjamin, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Eight people could form a Burma Shave congo.
Detly, Jan 28 2004

       Or even put mirror images of adds on the soles of the shoes, leaving an ad 2 miles long in the snow:






1st2know, Jan 28 2004

       I've never understood wearing things with logos on them. You wear a Nike t-shirt, say, you're effectively advertising their products, right? Companies pay money to advertise on TV - if Nike, or anybody else wants me to advertise their stuff for them, they'll find I charge a very reasonable rate.
saker, Jan 29 2004

       thats why i buy all my clothing at GoodWill or TJ Maxx
Space-Pope, Jan 29 2004

       Actually, decent footwear is one of the hardest articles of clothing to find that doesn't sport a logo.   

       I really resent that, but hey, ain't life tough?
saker, Jan 29 2004

       wearing a logo makes you part of a team, it gives you something in common with a group of people, which is a universally desirable trait. It's like being a goth, or a punk or a jock or in some cases gay.   

       It's really not that hard to figure out...... you're just not thinking.
SystemAdmin, Jan 29 2004

       I've never understood people who refuse to wear things with logos on them. Do you refuse to carry newspapers or books in case people think you're advertising them? Do you prise the insignia off the front and back of your car? Do you have an email address without your ISP or mail provider's name in it? Do you refuse to drink beer from the bottle and hide your face every time you come out of a shop, restaurant or bar?
kropotkin, Jan 29 2004

       Yes in general, whenever it does not take effort to do so and doesn't effect my life. For instance, when installing license plate, toss away licence plate holder that says "AMAZING DEALS AT JACKSON HONDA!!!!"   

       Our world is cluttered with advertisements. Nearly every one has no value to me, yet I'm forced to fill my life with them.
Worldgineer, Jan 29 2004

       // Our world is cluttered with advertisements //   

       I'm with you, [World].   

       // you're just not thinking //   

       Tush. It's because of the very fact that I am thinking, and reserve the right to act as an independent individual that I won't gratuitously allow my own body to be exploited as a billboard.   

       // universally desirable trait //   

       Hmmm. Obviously not.   

       // Do you refuse to drink beer //   

       That's never happened to me yet, no.
saker, Jan 30 2004


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