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Shoes with built-in Step

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After standing for 5 hours straight at a show recently I realized that my discomfort would have been alleviated greatly if I could only shift around a little and put either of my feet up on a step briefly. I think a pair of shoes with some sort of built in step would be magnificent. Mechanism? Telescoping rod, collapsing/retracting/hinged plate? Since you are not using this a a true step, the "step" would only need to be sturdy enough to support the weight of your leg.
blahginger, Mar 12 2006

Or do the Masai thing, and stand on one leg only http://www.geocitie...images/image491.jpg
(Of course, you may require a spear to do this, depending on your balance.) [DrCurry, Mar 13 2006]

Masai Barefoot Technology shoes http://www.mbt-uk.com/
Help with this problem. [wagster, Mar 13 2006]


       Maybe you just need better shoes - aren't Dr. Scholl's designed for people who need to stand all day?   

       I must admit, I have felt the need for a resting aid when doing the standing all day thing, but what I thought would be good is something you can rest your knee on. A sort of knee stilt or something.
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006

       How about wearing one high heel and one flat? Then just switch feet at midday.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006


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