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Shopping Trolley-Scooter combo

Glide effortlessly while you shop.
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Pushing a shopping cart around a supermarket is a chore I could do without. I want to make shopping require less effort and make it more fun.

I propose to fit all shopping trolleys with a step, underneath the handlebar. It shall be fitted in such a way so that by standing on it with one foot, you can propel the trolley forward with the other leg.

To stop rogue trolley tilt, it will probably require either front end ballast or the rear wheels to be behind the step.

Enhancements may include cowcatcher, bumbers (fenders) and chrome wheeltrims.

(Acknowledgement to hippo.)

Jinbish, Jul 18 2002

Kiddy Board Stroller Attachment http://www.babyproo...lus.com/item616.htm
Baked for strollers [FarmerJohn, Jul 18 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Alternatively, powered by a push-and-whizz mechanism? I have no idea what the proper name is but I do remember them from my childhood days in the cellar - a pedal/button is pushed down, coiling a spring(?) which drives an axle. Or something. Croissant.
calum, Jul 18 2002

       How would one steer ? I presume the ideal would be independant rear brakes on non-castoring rear wheels, actuated by bicycle-style handles on the push-bar.   

       Backwards tipping would be prevented by a trailing castor right under the back end of the footplate. One the trolley starts to get loaded, it will act as its own counterbalance.   

       The footplate might have to be available in right- or left-handed versions to keep the propulsion thrust vector in line with the centre of mass, otherwise the trolley will yaw wildly under acceleration.   

       Will there be Trolley Lights at majoir aisle intersections, or 4-way STOPs, or roundabouts ?
8th of 7, Jul 18 2002

       Steer? Why with your foot! You could go down the road of putting a brake on each side of the trolley, but I prefer the more dangerous approach of trying to slow down by screeching to a halt with your feet on the floor. Like a scooter.   

       You could also flail madly in an attempt to grab on to something fixed and swing around.   

       No traffic lights. I think the current supermarket system works fine. (anarchy)
Jinbish, Jul 18 2002


       I have *always* glided my shopping cart around the floor by scooting it along, and you hardly need any fancy enhancements. Brakes (not mentioned in your spec) would be handy, though.
DrCurry, Jul 18 2002

       Of course I do it. Its the only thing that keeps me sane in the shop. But this would help though- I wouldn't have to balance on the handle quite so precariously. (see my annot on 'snap-on shop trolley handle')
Jinbish, Jul 18 2002

       The next big movie hit - "Death Shopping Cart Race 2002" starring Blissmiss, and Jinbish in the David Carradine role.
8th of 7, Jul 18 2002

       Grand Theft Trolley?   

       I thought everybody rode the shopping cart around. This just makes it less dangerous to do it, as there should be less tipping. I just fear that people will start having collisions all over place, thus knocking over precariously stacked cans of creamed corn and causing injury. I wonder what Darwin would have to say about that?
polartomato, Jul 18 2002

       "Survival of the fastest" ?
8th of 7, Jul 18 2002

       What a great idea.
hippo, Jul 18 2002

       I still like to hang on the back and ride, lowering my heels to the wheels to steer and brake, but now my nine-year old gets precedence.
FarmerJohn, Jul 18 2002

A skateboard type device with only rear wheels and a pivoting front mount that suspends and clamps on the back of the shoppping cart. Should allow steering by the normal skateboard steering (tilting the board) method. May not even need the normal steering skateboard truck. Just steer by pushing on the right or left side of the cart handle.
half, Jul 18 2002

       I am using my 4-wheeled kick scooter in supermarkets and shopping malls. I just take a basket from the door of the supermarket and put that between dual handlebars and then effortlesly gliding between the isles and picking up some food items without stopping. Always fun to see peoples reactions when they see me. I had occasional argument with security guards but then I just tell them I had a spinal injury and would be walking on crutches instead if I was not allowed to use my scooter. Normally it is not a problem but once in Auckland I was given marching orders from a food court as the manager of the building got stroppy and even by showing a "drivers licence" given by my GP did not help.
Pellepeloton, Sep 10 2006

       If you want to glide your trolley with less risk of tipping, put a few 24-packs of beer in the front as soon as you start shopping, as ballast. You can return these just before paying. (Or hey, why not just buy them? :) )
imaginality, Sep 11 2006


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