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Supermarket motorized trolleys

Small motorized golf-type vehicles with shopping cart in front.
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Throughout the ages, mankind has been developing forms of eliminating the unpleasant activity commonly known as "walking". In our present day we have automobiles, elevators, moving escalators, all those wonderful things, but when we go to the supermarket we still have to walk and push those trolleys with all our groceries inside.

Now, with supermarket motorized trolleys, all that is solved. You sit, insert a coin, and there you go driving through the corridors and picking your goods. One pedal only to thrust it slow speed, fully equipped with a horn to irritate those lazy shoppers, it's the supermarket for the 21st century.

casual_friday, Sep 09 2002

A little nutty, but hey, that's why it's in Detroit http://www.detnews....es/2000/cruise2000/
2/3 way down the page. [RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2002]

Motorized Shopping Cart http://campus.dyc.e...ad_for_shopping.htm
They don't have these in your hometown grocery? [RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2002]

and one I half-baked earlier http://www.halfbake...20packing_20trolley
[po, Sep 09 2002]


       Thank God it's Friday!   

       This one is quite baked, I'm afraid. See links.
RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2002

po, Sep 09 2002

       Oh my sweet lord - now I don't know about you but I smell disaster upon the wind. One sharp turn and that's the end of the fresh vegetables... or Grandma.
waistcoat, Sep 09 2002

       the times I've told grandma about pushing the trolley really hard and jumping onto the back of it and zooming off down the aisle totally out of control - sheesh.
po, Sep 09 2002

       How could you exist in this day and age and not have seen these? There de riguer in every grocery store I've been in since probably 1980 or so (minus the coin-op - they're usually free for use). Designed more for those who have physical difficulty walking, not lazy folk.
waugsqueke, Sep 09 2002

       But, if they were motorized and built with the style and functionality of amusement park bumper cars, that would be much more fun.   

       I know, I already posted this thought on another shopping cart idea. I figured I'd get more mileage out of it as a recurring annotation than I would if I actually posted it as an idea.
half, Sep 09 2002

       Man, you guys are right. I'm kinda new at this, I should have made a little research... Still, these might look good with that Supermarket - The Musical idea... Just imagine all those trolleys rolling around in the background...
casual_friday, Sep 10 2002

       Supermarket dodgem trolleys ? Yes !
8th of 7, Sep 10 2002

       [Marked-For-Deletion], baked.
StarChaser, Sep 11 2002


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