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Shopping on ice spectacular.

Bring your skates
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At the door everyone gets a pair of skates and a trolley (cart) with skates instead of wheels, you can glide around the store doing the shopping at your leisure. Should make the menial task of grocery shopping far more interesting and the kids would be kept occupied instead of whinging all the time.

Could even be turned into an olympic sport.

Gulherme, Nov 28 2002

Supermarket - The Musical http://www.halfbake...20-_20The_20Musical
Has to be combined with this, for a fabulous "Supermarket Holiday on Ice" spectacular. [hippo, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       This would then turn any sales promotion (particularly the January sales) into an ice hockey-esque brawl. Instead of sissy ice hockey players there would be rabid and crazy-eyed mothers, whipped into a sub-zero frenzy by low, low prices.
Jinbish, Nov 28 2002

       Tuna cans make excellent pucks
thumbwax, Nov 28 2002

       Yes I think that if this were combined with supermarket the musical it would be a treat for the whole family. Imagine checking sombody with a trolley, carnage.
Gulherme, Nov 28 2002

       Supermarket skating = Rollerball -> "Rollershopping" ??   

       Sounds fun for the spectators .....   

       What next, "Death Shop 2100" ??
8th of 7, Nov 28 2002

       And your little shop helpers..Torvil & Dean.
skinflaps, Nov 28 2002

       But i can't skate.
tyskland, Nov 28 2002

       Just hang onto the person in front,let go when you want to purchase some cabbage.
skinflaps, Nov 28 2002

       Fact: Cabbage given as a boquet gives the message of 'profit'.
tyskland, Nov 28 2002

       Skates, give me snowmobiles, Yeah!!!!
Micky Dread, Nov 28 2002

       [tyskland] Just hang on to the cart.
horripilation, Nov 29 2002

       And thats another thing, shopping trolleys are difficult enough to steer without having to worry about low-friction surfaces and chopping toes off.
tyskland, Nov 29 2002

       Will there be a Sin Bin fior when the referee catches you shopping too agressively ?   

       I'm starting to wonder what the checkouts will look like.
8th of 7, Nov 29 2002

       //everyone gets a pair of skates//

What? As in the fish?
DrBob, Nov 29 2002

       Baked, even if you're about three centuries too late to pick up any groceries (see links).
DrCurry, Nov 29 2002

       That's a bit tenuous, is it not, good Dr?
tyskland, Nov 29 2002

       Gulherme, although you sometimes piss me off you have some great ideas. This is one of them... croissant.   

       I think I'm suffering from ice skating withdrawal.
madradish, Nov 29 2002

       The trolleys will be an obvioius problem as they are as tyskland points out hard enough to steer as it is, this opens the door for many other half baked inventions that go along with the shopping rink. Sorry if I piss you off Madradish, I don't mean too, you don't piss me off.
Gulherme, Nov 29 2002

       Could we combine this with the nude supermarket idea?
Malakh, Nov 29 2002

       We shure could, and the "supermarker the musical" idea.
Gulherme, Nov 29 2002

       Aww, don't take me seriously. I'm just having a bad week.   

       I'm trying to think of a way to combine bouncy castles and ice rinks but unfortunately I think they're mutually exclusive.
madradish, Nov 30 2002

       bouncy castles and ice rinks, the mind whirls.
Gulherme, Nov 30 2002

       Clean-up in aisle five! *Zamboni whirs to life*
Cedar Park, Feb 04 2003


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