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Lucky trolley
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"Get'em into the market and half your battle's over; impulse shopping does the rest" says a writer in a grocery-trade magazine.

So Mr/Ms Manager, get your [bonded] security firm to release an apparently unmarked "Lucky Trolley" into the trolley ranks as if it were a card going into a pack and then thoroughly shuffled so even the security staff themselves couldn't find it.

But a sensor "planted" at a lot-drawn checkout by security staff would blow its top when the Lucky Trolley arrived.

The purchaser would of course, with appropriate fanfare, get the contents of the trolley free.

Disguising the "rebound" type trigger on the trolley would require some thought.

And what would be the medium? Radioactivity? Ultrasound?

About cheating, Murphy's Law says it will happen, even if the prize be small; however the same person or family winning several timrs would arouse suspicion.

Other bugs? More than a dirty dog has fless, ... but R & D is usually tax-deductible

rayfo, Jun 04 2001


       Why not just do the "hundredth shopper" thing? It's easier to count. Or have a slot machine in the checkout line.
bookworm, Jun 04 2001

       I've never neen a local supermarket try the 100th stunt But your slot machine made clear why my idea is silly. Every supermarket now has a no-waiting National Lottery section as an attractant.
rayfo, Jun 04 2001

       Once a week, certain types (OK, me) would load up a cart with expensive stuff, go through the line, then say "Oh, shite! I've left me wallet at home again! I'll just take this package of spaghetti then, thanks" if they (I) didn't win.
horripilation, Nov 29 2002

       If you want lottery in our place, you need to get behind the other 24 people in the queue
tarby, Mar 14 2004


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