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Short oily rags

Shorter cigarettes for those two minute ciggie breaks.
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<Puts on flak jacket>

I like smoking.

However, I often find that I don't have time to smoke a whole cigarette and end up throwing half of it away (financially wasteful). I want to buy half-length cigarettes at a suitably reduced price. These would also be marginally healthier than the current kingsize cancer-sticks, as everyone knows that the most unhealthy way to smoke a cigarette is to smoke it right down to the filter (by which time, the remaining unburnt tobacco is already impregnated with tar from the smoke). If you smoke a half-length cigarette down to the filter, less tar will have built up.

Mayfly, Oct 29 2002


       Or perhaps invert the proportions of tobacco and filter.
snarfyguy, Oct 29 2002

       I'm guessing that it would cost nearly the same to manufacture and package a "stubby" as it does to produce a normal cigarette so you might not save much money in the end.
half, Oct 29 2002

       Bad idea! It costs perhaps a dime to make a pack of cigs, the rest is profit for the maker, the wholesaler, the warehouses, the seller, and don't forget the TAXES! If the local gimmement moneygrabbers want to levy a buck-a-pack tax on 20 weeds, do you think they will soak ya any less for 1 1/2 inch coffin nails than they do for the 3-inch variety? Nah, that would be too logical... they'll wind up soaking you twice as much per drag as they already do!   

       If you want to save some bucks on your fags, roll 'em! The tax people (and taxmakers) sometimes forget to add taxes on rolling tobacco when charging more for the ready-made kind! (I get enough tobacco and papers for a carton of weeds for around 10 bucks, which is something like half to a third what a carton co$t$! Can't hand roll 'em? Get a pocket roller for about $5.00. I roll mine with filters!   

       Oh, if you don't have time to smoke a whole one, just flick the cherry off and put it back in the pack... the smell will tell everyone that you've been saving 'em for the next 2-minute break! <Grin>
IvyI, Oct 29 2002

       [thc] are you suggesting or stating that you can smoke in the office ? in Sydney you'll find it practically impossible to even smoke in a public area with new laws coming into place .
skinflaps, Oct 29 2002

       [BM], oily rags = fags.   

       Cockney rhyming slang. Thought it would be more PC than giving this idea the title "Short Fags".
Mayfly, Oct 30 2002

       Sorry to be boring but... smoking idea = fishbone.   

       // in Sydney you'll find it practically impossible to even smoke in a public area with new laws coming into place //   

       Yay! Hooray! Madradish rejoices gleefully.
madradish, Oct 30 2002

       You can get them already.. Embasy make short fags... 10 in a box... about 3/4 the length of a normal fag... so go get some...
dannybuoy77, Oct 30 2002

       same length - smaller diameter?
po, Oct 30 2002

       There you go, po! You are truly your father's daughter.   

       But would it give as much satisfaction as a short fat one?
FarmerJohn, Oct 30 2002

       thank you [farmer]   

       I am easily pleased <g>
po, Oct 30 2002

       Does anybody out there drink tea or coffee?   

       Or maybe drink alcoholic beverages?   

       Or maybe even eat chocolate?
Mayfly, Oct 30 2002

       [Mayfly] - here's how to make two mini cigs from a whole one. Can't remember why or when I did it but it did work:   

       Loosen the filter by rolling between thumb and forefinger until it will slide out - you may have to pull it with your nail. Slide it out halfway and then cut off this half with some scissors. Next, tap, push, roll the tobacco in the rest of the tube down to fill the gap left by the moved filter. Insert the removed half of the filter into the other end - you may have to squeeze it a bit. Tidy the whole thing up by using the usual skinning up techniques of tapping, rolling etc, and then cut the thing in half. Ta-dah!   

       One of the cigs will look like it has a ridiculously long filter for its size, so you could pretend you're Bruce Willis in the Fifth Element, and the other will be completely white, so you could pretend you're Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List when you smoke it. Or you couldn't - it'd be your call.
sild, Oct 30 2002

       Smoking is cool kids, but don't let that monkey ride you!   

       Any soldier from any war will tell you to save the unsmoked part for later.
General Washington, Oct 30 2002

       [Sild] Sounds like a good plan. I'll try it tonight.
Mayfly, Oct 30 2002

       I can roll my own...<hardly anything to brag about>
po, Oct 30 2002

       "I love the irony that you throw away money every day to inhale burning plant material to kill yourself, yet you're worried about the 'financially wasteful' aspect of this. That is truly ridiculous."   

       Not ridiculous at all. You see, one must put something aside for the funeral.
bristolz, Oct 30 2002

       //Does anybody out there drink tea or coffee?
Or maybe drink alcoholic beverages?
Or maybe even eat chocolate?//
[Mayfly]: Surely you aren't attempting to equate eating chocolate to smoking cigarettes.
half, Oct 30 2002

       It's all about consuming potentially unhealthy stimulants.
Mayfly, Oct 31 2002

       how about we just let those who smoke do it if they want to? everyone knows the risks involved, if someone chooses to, it's their choice... "live free or die"
buddymatt, Jan 12 2004


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