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Shotgun Popcorn Salter

Solution to recalcitrantly unsaltable un-oiled popcorn
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Table salt doesn’t stick to un-oiled popcorn, presenting a problem to health conscious popcorn eaters who are trying to avoid unnecessary oil in their diet. You could use fine grain salt, of course, which does stick to un-oiled popcorn. But who has enough kitchen space for two types of salt?

Enter the Shotgun Popcorn Salter (SPS), the solution to the long frustrating problem of salting un-oiled popcorn with table salt.

The SPS operates much as the Bugasalt fly killer (see reference A), but it intentionally fires bursts of salt in a wider diameter of spray. Simply aim the SPS at your bowl of unsalted popcorn and fire away.

Unlike salting oiled popcorn, where the salt sticks to the oily popcorn surface, the SPS embeds grains of table salt into the popped kernels. Problem solved.

swimswim, Jun 09 2022

Reference A: Bugasalt Insect Killer https://www.bugasalt.com/
[swimswim, Jun 09 2022]

Already had a go at this... Pump-Action_20Salt-Gun
[bs0u0155, Jun 09 2022]


       Sounds dangerous. [+]
doctorremulac3, Jun 09 2022

       Trying to avoid a bit of oil, but not excessive sodium, and calling themselves health conscious... Sounds about white.
21 Quest, Jun 09 2022

       Hey, if rock-salt rounds in a shot gun was enough to keep blueberry pickers off my grandad's property, it's good enough for me.   

I can also imagine a slightly different idea based on aspects of this one that involves shotgun cartridges being loaded with popcorn and blasted out into a bowl fully popped and ready to eat.
xenzag, Jun 09 2022

       Why the bowl? Straight into mouth saves time and washing up.
pocmloc, Jun 09 2022

       Straight into the bloodstream in digested form would save even more time, but I prefer the old ways for some things.
Voice, Jun 09 2022

       + Yay for guns with a proper function!
xandram, Jun 09 2022

       [bs0u0155], you are right. Done before and better. Shucks...
swimswim, Jun 09 2022


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