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Tabletop Pop Pot

more like a pan for controlled corn popping at the table
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The Pop Pot is the size of the bottom half of a waffle iron with a smooth, concave Teflon surface and a silver dollar size hotplate in the middle. Add three tablespoons of oil or butter, cover the pan surface with popcorn kernels and plug in the cord for flying food fun.

The thermostat and small hotplate keeps a measured popping of one per second as the kernels roll in towards the center. Eight small fabric nets on handles come with the popper. Sprinkle salt on the inside and try to catch the random hopping popcorn. Tasteful excitement to complement a fondue or sukiyaki for older kids and young-at-heart adults.

FarmerJohn, Aug 26 2004


       Kind of like the scene in star wars where he faces off against that floating zappy-droid. Swish! Swish!   

       I suppose the reloading of the central hot patch occurs through gravity as kernels slide down? I have reservations about how well that might work. Maybe a conveyor belt is in order.   

       Or since popcorn popping seems to follow some sort of random decay, you could just heat them all at once and trust to statistics to take care of things.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 26 2004

       As good and fun as this idea is, I still love those JiffyPop things you do over the stove where the aluminum grows into a huge bubble. I'll still bun your idea [FJ] because if JiffyPop didn't exist, then this would be *the one.*
Machiavelli, Aug 26 2004

       //I suppose the reloading of the central hot patch occurs through gravity as kernels slide down?// Yes, think of a parabolic pool table that's stopped spinning.
FarmerJohn, Aug 26 2004

       Finally, an [FJ] plan that will actually work! I'd buy this. Why not have a vertical tube mounted slightly above the hotplate so that the popped corn can fly up and out without being held down by uncaught corn and fresh kernels?
wagster, Aug 26 2004

       Dogs like popcorn. I like dogs. woof! [+]
Voltmeter, Aug 27 2004

       Popcorn lottery?
skinflaps, Aug 27 2004

       Ow! My eyeball!
dobtabulous, Aug 27 2004

       Drinks off the table first. This could liven up any dinner party!
harderthanjesus, Aug 27 2004

       Nice idea. (+) I would worry about the kernels ontop of one another though, preventing the food flying fun. Maybe have only a one kernel high layer down the sides be maintained by a zig zag pattern that the kernels followed. And if that zig zag pattern hinders the movement of the kernels add in a vibrator (don't be perverted......like me) that goes on every few seconds for a short burst.
MrDaliLlama, Aug 28 2004

       No pop art?   


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