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Shouting oven

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It must be true that the sound energy from a good shout will warm up something in its path. Although, too many cooks will in this case be needed to even touch the broth.

I propose, for top restaurants, many highly trained and very expensive Michelin-starred shouting-chefs directing their vocal energies to the dish of the day and other menu items.

Technically, for we must think of these things, a cunning oven takes the output from the many chefs and focusses it to transform the vague squiggle of cold ingredients to the valuable piping-hot signature dish.

Some celebrity chefs already swear like mad things. Presumably this is to hone their heating-shouting. It also seems that every televised kitchen these days is full of shouting chefs.

I can only conclude that it's already happening.

DenholmRicshaw, Mar 27 2011

http://www.youtube....gZU&feature=related I was going to link to sonoluminescence, but this is more quirky [not_morrison_rm, Mar 29 2011]

Acoustic power of a shout http://www.jwd.com/tech/notes/tn70.htm
40mW [csea, Mar 29 2011]


       A quick search [link] gives a loud shout at 40mW, so it'll likely take about a kilo-chef to generate 40 watts, which might be enough to cook a small plate over some time.   

       Gonna take a bit more armwaving to explain how to direct all the shouting energy to the food.
csea, Mar 29 2011

pocmloc, Mar 29 2011


       Blimey 40 megawatts..must be Gordon Ramsey.
not_morrison_rm, Mar 29 2011

       Portion size.   

       Micro-meals + kilo-chefs = mega-bucks.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 29 2011

       m = milli
M = mega
... which reminds me of an idea I'll go post, now.
csea, Mar 30 2011

       //it'll likely take about a kilo-chef //

DrBob, Mar 30 2011


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