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solar pizza oven

Heat oven with parabolic dish and cook pizza in it.
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Parabolic solar ovens exist, but they are meant to be used while the sun is shining. I would like a solar oven that is really well insulated with a glass door. A parabolic dish directs a big chunk of light into the oven, and the resulting heat is stored in the fire bricks. When you get home, the pizza oven is ready to go.
nomocrow, Feb 25 2009

(?) How to bake an oven http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_forge
[goldbb, Feb 26 2009]

Solar ovens https://www.youtube...watch?v=MOHC68ClqRQ
just get some scissors and snip ? [popbottle, Nov 04 2015]

here comes the sun https://www.youtube...watch?v=eGUsydm5NU4
solar pizza oven made of recycled materials. [travbm, Nov 05 2015]


       Making something as wasteful as a private pizza oven seem more environmenatally friendly ... should be posted under Marketing   

       But as it might also be a communal oven, and raises awareness for solar power [+]
loonquawl, Feb 25 2009

       Is a private pizza oven wasteful? I was actually hoping to save energy here.
nomocrow, Feb 25 2009

       I think you could use the garden solar water heater concept on this one. I can't find the pic of one I saw a long time ago anymore, but basically it was a series of copper pipes wound around like a radiator on a piece of sheet metal - all painted black.
At the top of this piping was an insulated cooler with a single pipe returning to the bottom of the radiator.

       I think you could do a similar system for an oven.
Zimmy, Feb 25 2009

       Zimmy, To get enough heat to cook a pizza, you can't use the direct light of the sun on a surface... it just wouldn't be hot enough.   

       You'll need to use a lens or mirrors.   

       nomocrow, you've left off an important component: it needs a thermometer, so you know if your pizza oven is too hot, or not hot enough.   

       Oh, and you don't necessarily need a parabolic dish... you could also use a big fresnel lens.
goldbb, Feb 26 2009

       I used sun to make crackers in my campervan. First you take some sliced bread and cut them into a small bite size bits. Next you need a long and sunny hot day and your vehicle parked in the sun, dashboard facing to the sun. Place the the bread bits into a black metal tray in the dashbord facing the sun. Wait for 4 to 5 hours and those crackers are crispy and ready to eat.
Pellepeloton, Feb 26 2009

       You can cook anything with a big enough mirror and an insulated box. And the link here comes the sun shows one made of recycled materials.
travbm, Nov 05 2015


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